The last dance of the Giants? Posey, Crawford and Belt go for another championship

The 2021 season of MLB great stories awaited us even before we started: The arrival of Nolan Arenado to the Cardenalesyes, the return in form by Shohei Ohtani, a reinforced White Sox seeking a World Series and perhaps the one that most interested everyone was the power duel to power in the West of the National League between the San Diego Padres and champion Los Angeles Dodgers; however, this has been hoarded by the Giants from San Francisco, divisional leaders and best team in all of Major League Baseball.

The truth is that nobody expected that the Giants were playing this well and could steal the limelight from the two powers in their division, since San Francisco was expected to enter fully into its reconstruction period as a large part of its veterans were in the final year of his contract, primarily the last remaining holdover from those champion teams in Buster Posey, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford.

The trio have been extremely important not only from the point of view of experience and leadership in the clubhouse, but also from the field of play, with each of them having a second wind after several rather mediocre years, and according to Crawford To Scott Miller of The New York Times, it is normal for them to go unnoticed despite their great performances, which reminds them a lot of the years when they were champions and they think they can do it again.

This is already normal for us. We don’t get as much national attention as the Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers or other teams on the East Coast. But we always find a way to build a good team and play great baseball on the field and win games. I feel like it’s happening this year too. For us veterans, this is not a rebuild, we want to continue our great Giants careers. I know it’s only half a season, but everyone talks about the Dodgers and the Padres and here we are, leaders.

Although the end of the winning era in San Francisco officially ended with the departure of Bruce Bochy in 2019 and the hiring of Farhan Zaidi in the office to replace Brian Sabean, these two are still there as instructors and special advisers, which continues to provide to the team that winning aura, which they hope now in 2021, in an odd year and with few names but a great team, can give Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt the last “dance” before possibly saying goodbye to San Francisco.