The hard fall and the new return of Bryce Harper

Whoever was considered one of the “faces of baseball” years ago has faced a roller coaster of moments in the Major Leagues, however, everything seems to be facing an important resurgence with the Phillies

The rise of Bryce harper in the Big leagues It was one of those stories that seems to have been forgotten in the distant past. The then prospect of Washington Nationals came to MLB in 2012 and posted solid numbers during its debut season, even reaching the award Rookie of the Year of the National League.

Fast forward to 2015, Harper I already had two invitations to Stars game, being a good baseball player, but he still didn’t see anything special. Everything changed that year when “Harp”Exploded in a surprising way and reached its best season in MLB, winning in the process another invitation to Stars game and, more importantly, his first (and so far only) award as Most valuable Player.

Immediately, the great machinery that is MLB made us wonder if Bryce harper he was the best player in the league at the time. Comparisons with Mike trout became incessant and a movement began to take shape that would place the American as the new “cbaseball ara”.

And why not? Harper He has the looks, the charisma and at that moment the performance expected of someone with that motto associated with his name.

Then came 2016 and although he did not keep the numbers of his year of MvpHe was a solid hitter, bounced back in 2017, and suddenly the outfielder was branded inconsistent. Additionally, injuries began to wreak havoc on his career and suddenly, Bryce harper He was no longer the face of baseball, he was considered an overrated player, everyone turning the page and forgetting him completely.

This does not mean that, in the meantime, Harper have not had good times. His victory in the HR Derby in Washington in 2018, his last year with the NationalsIt seemed like a fairy tale, a kind of nostalgic farewell to the one who had been the face of the American capital team for six seasons.

Then came the big contract with Philadelphia phillies: 330 million for 13 years. Criticism and ridicule rained down on the team and the player. His performance in recent seasons “it was not worth that money”, It was said many times that Scott boras (Harper’s agent) had achieved the business of his life with a talent that was not consistent.

2019 was a relatively good year for Harper. He was healthy, he had a good offensive performance, but that didn’t help the Phillies. The pandemic of the COVID-19 at 2020, Harper had in statistical terms, a year similar to the previous one, but he still did not show anything that reflected that he was fulfilling the great contract.

Then comes 2021 and with it, the return of Bryce harper. With what is probably his best season since 2017, having a chance to overcome it, the outfielder is having a year according to his contract, worthy for what was a star of his size. .294 batting average, accompanied by a .413 on-base percentage (OBP) and a .568 slugging percentage (SLG), as well as 23 home runs, show that “Big kid”(Big Boy) has a lot to offer in his tank and reminds us that he is barely 28 years old.

Although it is true that we are not in front of the Bryce harper 2015 or anything like that, it is still true that we are witnessing what is probably the new return of the player and hopefully, this is something lasting. Baseball is best when players like him put on a great show for us.