The fan’s misconception: ‘Everything is fixed’

What happened the Friday by night It gave me reasons to write about this topic that I have always thought about and that today I had to point out.

Friday afternoon had already fallen, a little past 8 at night and I was in a Space, on Twitter. I was a participant. It was not organized by me.

At that moment the Tijuana Bulls scored their runs 7 and 8 of the fourth game of the North Zone Final Series before the gray ghostsbetter known as Sultanes de Monterrey.

Suddenly a Spacero, who is very frequent as a speaker, said: “What the hell, this is fixed. The series goes 3-0 for Sultanes, they agree to let Toros win 1, so Sultanes charges millions for a sellout in the 5th game and then now he finishes it off tomorrow, Saturday (it was Friday)”.

That was when I took the floor in the Spacebecause I have always been against that “Asshole Magic Thought”, as Odyn Dupeirón calls it.

The amateur average thinkFurthermore, it ensures that allor almost everything, is fixed and paid.

That thought that everything has a price, that everything is fixed, that everything is a trap, is very common in our countryespecially in sports.

I do not think, but I assure you that she is a reverend (Put the qualifier you like).

Do you think they agree?that one team says to the other: “Hey, hey, give us the mother today, that way we get box office and then tomorrow we’ll play to see who wins”, with the risk that Toros win again, go to Tijuana and leave them the opportunity to win there and goodbye North title.

Don’t be offended, but that is a very thought (piiiippp). Leave that to children who fantasize like infants.

See the fight until the end, until the last pitch, how after a 0-8 they end up winning 11-12.

How they celebrated at the end, as if it was the last game of their lives.

You guys they believe that players play to lose in those cases you say that they are fixed?

I gave the example of the game of Sultans because it was given in the talk, but I speak in general in sports. I do not rule out that 1 in 5,000 matches can be made.

What I criticize is that the common fan, something just doesn’t add up to his evil mind or harm his team, and comes out with the cheapest, wrong and stupid conclusion: “The game is fixed!”.

I have said it several times and I repeat it: they ask that the leaders hire better, they ask that the coaches manage better, they ask that the players raise their level, they ask that we journalists raise our level… and you?

require higher level of all the medium football and we don’t stop listening and read the:

“The VAR brings against us”.

“The arbitration no more harms us U.S”.

The League schedules us more games U.S”.

“The play I was fixed up”.

“We lost because they bring it against my team.”

“I do get expelled players and not for a play like them.”.

How easy it is to ask for quality from everything in front… and I continue with 5th grade excuses to justify when my team loses.

No, friend Spacero and Twittero, the teams do not agree. I got out of Twitter and Sultanes turned it around. I no longer knew what face he would make the “T d A” after such a feat.


I’ve always thought yes do you think that youhear what harms to you equipment it is why is he fixed uppaid, bought or “cheated”, is because in house you grew up with education or vision of what what they did our parents everything was for money. How pitiful!

If you think that everything you don’t understand is because someone paid for it to happen, and the other “left”, it’s not worth continuing to explain to you that it’s not like that.

Scandal at LMB

Yesterday the sewer was uncovered in the Mexican Baseball League… and “nothing nice to report at home.”

It turns out that it was discovered that the leadership of the Ddevils Mexico Reds manipulated the shots of their duels 1 and 2 of the South Zone Final against Yucatan.

How did they manipulate shots? I will explain.

The LMB hired the company “Aym Sports” to produce the league games.

The Devils they said they they had their own team, they asked they do it and Aym said: “Come on, you do it, I don’t have to produce, just give me the signal”.

What he did Devils is that when the rival (Yucatán) launched, he did shots of front, seeing the signs that commanded the rival catcher Y so study them. And when the Devils hit, the shots weren’t from the front, they were more lateral.

somebody figured it outprivately took the case to the LMB and the Satanic leaders admitted that was true. They accepted it.

the league already suspended Miguel Ojeda for 1 yearhis sports director, already Devils he put one economic fine.

Curiously, yesterday was the first game after the scandal… and for the first time so far in the Playoffs they do NOT score a run.

I say goodbye with a tweet that I found on that social network, which is also true:

“I wish with all my heart that it is understood that neither chroniclers, nor fans and even, not even players or other collaborators of @DiablosRojosMX make decisions like the one that causes controversy today. Aguas with the lynching who had nothing to do with it”, @lupizojeda.


what a weekendsince wrong conclusions of fixed games, bad decisions of referees Y VAR in soccer and yesterday, to conclude, with the scandal of manipulation of shots by the Pingos Capitalinos.

Thank God there is always something to talk about, and in my case, something to write about.

PS: French kiss, minus two.

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The fan’s misconception: ‘Everything is fixed’