The fan letter for the start of the LIDOM season

With the start of the Dominican winter ball season, fans express their expectations for the tournament and for each of the teams that go out in search of the championship and to represent the country in the Caribbean Series.

We return to the ring, forty games to search four semi-finalists, eighteen games to get two finalists and nine more matches for a champion.

Here I do not know if we repeat the champion of last year, if this season will be from the capital, if he will shine, if he will be making (bull) problems or will be one of those that produce cocoa, I really do not know, but whoever it is, I have to say something to each one before it is sung “Playball”.


My league, my favorite tournament, my passion!

I want this to be a tournament where teams shine and not fan complaints. That the protagonists are the teams and not politics or the government. Let us forget what is outside and be a league that unites the people, not one of propaganda that divides the people. Let’s wear our six colors and look for the best in order to have the tournament that we lived before the pandemic.

We fans go back to the stadiums, those that are our home for four months. This tournament is ours and for us the effort was made to be together, although on different sides, seeking the crown of our teams.

To the Giants:

My foals! Congratulations on your 25 years. Since 2010 I have not suffered a final so much, but since 2015 I have never felt so proud to be Giant. How much I wish that this season we reach the crown and that not only the Cibao is ours, but the whole country and even the Caribbean. For me, it was not easy to see them lose a 3-1 advantage against the neighbors of Santiago, but that is part of the game that I love so much and it makes me look forward to seeing them gallop in the stadiums again, distributing cocoa.

Dear Stars:

After winning after 51 years, we could not celebrate because not even the “Round robin” we passed. It was honestly a bitter season as our champion manager was fired and even though we struggled, we were left out. In 2020 we were a better team, but we could not see you up close and what sounded the most were some gossip that honestly, a team like ours does not shine because we suffer a lot for winning little. This year we come with a better team, a renewed squad full of young stars that are ready to shine and return to the top of the sky of LIDOM.

To my Bulls:

Three years in which they have shown other fans what we are capable of! Since that decisive game against him Selected We have not given up and we even get a crown. Last year we lost who would be the champion, but this year we will go back to look for what belongs to us. The Bulls young people will be from “early, early, early”To build Torolío (2.0) from day one!

A letter to my Lions:

Selected, this year we turn 100 and I want to celebrate it big. Few teams have as much history as we do and none have won their centenary. The neighbor almost does, but the yellow hurt the party and the green scored another year without a win that season, so we go to this to roar like we did in the 2010s. Now, PLEASE, or we come like the hard to kill or like the classics of the 80s, but nothing to reach decisive games,THERE ARE FOUR SEASONS losing the last game and leaving us with the joy of fighting in the next round!

Dear Licey:

Again we reached five years without winning. This has not happened since the 70s, but in the past decade we have lived it and now we are going the same way. This year we play the glorious title, since the main rivals tied last year and come with the intention of repeating. Last season we changed fundamental pieces and were more famous for the gossip between the team and their not-so-private lives, than for the team’s performance on the field. I sincerely want to see a Licey glorious and really look like you are looking for a champion crown and no unnecessary animation or noise.

To my beloved Águilas Cibaeñas:

BIG TEAM, brave and champion. I just want to repeat like in 2008 and be the greatest among all. Be the only one in the first place and keep renewing the wings we lost in the past decade. Let’s keep what we are and that this season we collect a lot so that in the Caribbean Series Santo Domingo 2022, let’s take the obelisk to Santiago and thus heal that thorn that they nailed us when the “Monument”Was taken to the capital.

This is how seven fans spoke to Fernando Sena, multimedia editor of ESPN DOMINICANA.


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The fan letter for the start of the LIDOM season