The details that Manny Machado must improve in his swing

After the conclusion of the 2021 campaign of the Big leagues, the dominican-american player Manny Machadocompleted what was for him his 10th season in the league, arriving here without a doubt at a great level, but also several details in which to improve, such as adjustments to his swing.

During 2021, the third baseman had a solid year, which led him to the All-Star Game, leaving records of 28 home runs, 106 RBIs, a batting average of .278 and the great OPS+ of 131, higher by 31 points than the league average.

Despite this, his swing, as in previous years, continues with details to work on, such as from a very high number of swings made, such as a very low coverage to what are the outskirts of the strike zone.

By 2021 Machado had a swing rate of 48.0%, beating the league average of Big leagues on average swings by 0.8 points (47.2).

His coverage outside the strike zone is summed up in a swing rate at these pitches of 32.9%, higher by only 1.6 pts than the average (31.3), while his contacts at pitches outside the zone of 63.7% , being better than the average by only 1.3 pts (62.4).

Evidently the swing of the slugger of the Fathers from San Diego he’s been requiring everything from more coverage outside the strike zone to a reduction in the swing rates he’s attempted.

For example, in 2018 he seeded his highest batting average for a season at the moment with .297, which in that same campaign had a percentage of swings outside the strike zone of 65.8%, increasing from his coverage outside the zone and increasing his batting numbers.

With his limitations on contacts outside the zone, this is mainly reflected in his coverage of down-breaking pitches, as shown by the following charts of strikeout percentage and swings struck out at various points in or out of the zone:

% of swings fanned by M. Machado at different points in the zone
1643583597 527 The details that Manny Machado must improve in his swing
% of strikeouts of M. Machado in the different points of the zone

A greater coverage of pitches outside the strike zone has already given the player great results in the past, so it would not be less to hope to finally achieve these desired adjustments.

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The details that Manny Machado must improve in his swing