The crazy change that could send Aaron Judge from the Yankees to Braves

The crazy change that could send Aaron Judge from the

The rumors are always life in the world of baseball and seeing that the Yankees New Yorkers are having a “modest” season 2021 from Major Leagues (MLB), the window was opened to see a possible change that I send to Aaron Judge from the Bronx to the Braves from Atlanta.

Aaron Judge without a doubt it is one of the fundamental pieces of Yankees nowadays, but they say out there that nothing is impossible and if these Braves put on the table a considerable offer, “The Judge” could land in the city of Atlanta before the deadline for changes this season 2021 from Big leagues.

The Yankees have relied too heavily on the power of Judge at the moment MLB 2021, but when we see the performance of this team in this course, we can quickly think of a change of scenery and the Braves they seem to be a candidate in that possible destiny.

In addition, Braves could seize the terrible moment of Yankees pitching a bid for the star gardener Aaron Judge, who could certainly complement the prairies of Brian Snitker’s team that has suffered so much in the MLB 2021.

Why the Braves as a destination for “The Judge”?

Simple, the outfield of Braves He has been very, very hesitant this season, due to the injuries and extra-sporting problems of Marcell Ozuna and the constant rotations they have made with Ender Inciarte, Abraham Almonte, Guillermo Heredia, Ehire Adrianza and now Orlando Arcía, which is why the one that the name of Judge could give more depth in the lineup and a good defensive glove to complete the work of Ronald Acuña Jr., who has been the best player in this organization in the MLB 2021.

Why would the Yankees trade Judge?

Well Judge has shown that he is a player with multiple injuries since his youth, that means that when he enters the 33-36 years taking into account his past injuries, things could be worse in terms of his health. The Mules’ payroll can’t offer him a $ 200 million contract or more as long as they carry Cole and Stanton’s, plus the rest of the team. He is a free agent at the end of the 2022 season.

What do the Braves offer the Yankees?

It is time for the Yankees look to the future and you could do that with three of the best prospects in the world. Braves currently:

Braves offer:

  • Christian Pache – Gardener (# 1 in Atlanta’s farm system and # 10 in the general ranking from prospects from MLB)
  • Kyle Muller – Left-handed pitcher (best pitcher prospect of the Braves)
  • Bryce Elder – Right pitcher (He is the 11th best prospect of the Braves)

Yankees would give:

Adding to all those pieces, the Braves They could easily offer a substantial amount of money to complete this transaction that could bolster a team looking to fight the Mets in the NL East.

Aaron Judge It is one of the most redeemable of the Yankees at the moment MLB 2021, having a .284 / .379 / .523 / .902 offensive line and a total of 19 home runs.

Can you imagine Judge with Acuña Jr. in the gardens of the Braves?