THE COACH | Why Omar Vizquel will not enter the MLB Hall of Fame

In case of Omar vizquel and the Hall of Fame will be remembered as one of the most controversial of recent years, since the Venezuelan is considered one of the best defensive shortstop in the history of the Big leagues, but whose reputation was recently soiled, to the point that many of the baseball writers have decided to remove it from their ballots for the 2022 rally.

Vizquel leaves on his resume in the MLB 11 Gold Gloves, .272 average, 3 All-Star invitations, 404 steals, 1,445 scored and 951 RBIs in 24 seasons. “Manos de Seda” also retired as the leader in games at shortstop (2,709) and in fielding percentage (.984), as well as posting the seventh-best defensive WAR in history (29.5).

Although his offensive numbers were subject to his longevity on the field of play – something not at all reprehensible -, remaining 127 hits out of 3,000, it is his defense, and how he was able to mark an era with his glove, the one that would deserve a plaque in Cooperstown.

However, many of the voters have begun to remove the Venezuelan from their ballots not only because of the new breed of stars who entered to compete for his immortality, but because Vizquel’s personal problems began to affect the judgment of many of those who decide who enters and who does not enter the sacred temple of the MLB.

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THE COACH | Why Omar Vizquel will not enter the MLB Hall of Fame