The Best Major League Baseball Players of the Eighties

Following, the best players in the Big leagues in the eighties from 1980 to 1989.


Mike schmidt

  • Hit like Mickey Mantle
  • He won the 1980 World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies and was MVP of the same
  • Won 2 MVP
  • 2 Golden Gloves
  • 2 Silver Bats


Rickey henderson

He stole 130 bases. Henderson would have better seasons, this is not the last time he will appear on this list, but 130 steals is 130 damn steals.


Cal Ripken Jr.

1983 was the first year that Ripken played 162 games, which would become a habit, and it was also the season in which he emerged not only as the best baseball player, but as the kind of icon we’ll talk about a few. 100 years. In addition, he won the World Series at 23 years of age.


Dwight gooden

Gooden had an otherworldly 1985 season, and it was legitimately surprising that someone hit him: Any hitter who even made contact with a pitch had his bat in the dust. Forget what happened to Gooden next. Possibly no one could pitch better than him in 1985.


Roger clemens

Clemens would prove to be (considerably) more durable than Gooden with his great season, in which he won the AL Cy Young and MVP awards and nearly got his first World Series ring. This was his first Cy Young; his seventh final would come 18 years later.


Rickey henderson

Despite the fun of the Bash Brothers (José Canseco and Mark McGwire), Rickey was the best player for the Oakland Athletics.

With information from (Will Leitch).