The 7 MLB teams that spent the most money on international market firms in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic also triggered changes in the international signing process of MLB, which now has a new date, January 15 instead of July 2.

Still fresh in memory is the record $ 203 million spent by teams from Big leagues in 2017. These are the teams with the most money invested in international firms in 2021 and there are not Houston Astros, who paid the highest bonus to Cuban outfielder Pedro León ($ 4,000,000).

More than 6 million dollars paid the Reds

A total of $ 6.1 million was paid by the Cincinnati organization for its new prospects. Two Dominican outfielders, Malvin Valdez and Ariel Almonte, had the largest bonuses, with $ 1,900,000 and $ 1,850.00, respectively.

The Tigres are the team with the second highest amount in international signatures

In Detroit they totaled $ 5.6 million in international firms, the second most this year. Of those, $ 2,975,000 went to a single player, Dominican shortstop Cristian Santana. Another shortstop, Venezuelan Abel Bastidas, received $ 1,175,000.

Miami spent 5.4 million on signatures and gave more than half to Yiddi Cappe

The Marlins organization has been able to capitalize on its international signatures in recent years. This time he paid a total of $ 5.4 million. More than half went to the bonus of Cuban shortstop Yiddi Cappé, one of the most precious jewels on this occasion and to whom he was paid $ 3,500,000.

The Nationals' biggest bonus went to a Dominican

The 2019 World Series champions made a significant investment in international firms this year, for a total of $ 5.3 million. His highest bonus went to a shortstop from the Dominican Republic, Armando Cruz, who received $ 3,900,000.

A Venezuelan and a Dominican were the Rays' strongest signatures

Champions of the American League in 2020 and leaders of the East Division in 2021, the Rays allocated $ 5.3 million to international firms. Carlos Colmenarez, a Venezuelan defender and shortstop, was given the most money: $ 3 million (the fourth-biggest bonus this year). Dominican outfielder Johnny Pirón was given $ 1,825,000.

The Brewers spent $ 4.9 million on international firms

Jackson Chourio, Daniel Guilarte and Gregory Barrios, three Venezuelan shortstops, received most of the $ 4.9 million the Brewers allocated to international firms. Chourio’s bonus was $ 1,800,000 and Barrios and Guilarte received one million dollars each.

The Twins gave their highest bonus to a Venezuelan

Minnesota spent the same amount on international firms as Milwaukee, $ 4.9 million. The highest bonus went to a Venezuelan shortstop, Danny De Andrade, who took home a check for $ 2,200,000. the same position is defended by the Dominican Fredy LaFlor, who received 1.1 million dollars for his signing.