THE 20 WAS STOLEN FROM HIM !!! Kiermaier’s spectacular fielding denied Gurriel’s home run

By Robiel Vega

The closing of the season is impressive Lourdes Gurriel Jr., since the end of August to date his performance has only been increasing and today he is the leading RBI of all the Major Leagues with 26 so far in September. His 4 Grand Slam in 2021 set a record for his franchise, in addition to equaling the total for any Cuban in a single season.

Yunito has hit in 14 of the last 16 games (7 in a row) that he has played and in 7 of them, managing to scratch the card on more than one occasion. But the most important thing about their performance is not about that data; because in 13 games played this month, he has driven in a career in 9 of them, accumulating 26, with 15 runs scored and 5 homers, for a total of 36 produced, at a rate of 2.77 per game; nothing more to say.

In the match of the day on Monday, September 13, the Spaniard had another outstanding performance, hitting 4-3 with a pair of runs scored and the same number of RBIs. But his form is such that the only time he missed was with a tremendous drive through center field that nearly became his 20th home run of the season.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, Rays reliever Nick Anderson threw a 93 MPH fastball at Yunito, but too far to the center and he hit a tremendous hit through the center of the field. Patrolman Kevin Kiermaier did not lose sight of her for a single second, he ran backwards until, realizing he was reaching the fence, he took a feline leap to take the ball from the other side and snatch a home run that would have equaled his best all-time record for a season.

Despite this, the party of «La Piña Jr.» was brilliant, leaving his offensive line at (.287 / .331 / .477 / .808) (AVE / OBP / SLU / OPS), reached 80 trailers, third Cuban to reach this figure in the season, scored his 57 runs and 58 and reached 130 hits. Undoubtedly a historical rebound and no one knows where the boy’s brake is.

Without further ado, enjoy the play and remember that you can see all the videos of Cubans in the Major Leagues by following this link: