That’s how bad the umpires have been in these MLB playoffs

There is a general impression among fans, players and analsitas that the umpires have been a disaster in these MLB playoffs, but is there a way to know if this impression is real?

Fortunately, in this sport so close to the numbers of course it is possible. And here we have a summary.

1.- How can you measure the performance of an umpire?

Unlike other sports, such as soccer, where the referee’s actions are rather subjective, in baseball (so given to numbers) it has been found how to measure its quality and each of its performances.

In general, there are two metrics that are taken into account:

  • Precision
  • Consistency
  • Influence on the game

Precision refers to how well an umpire signals strikes, balls, etc. with respect to the imaginary strike zone.

While the consistency Let’s say that once the umpire decides more or less what his strike zone is going to be, how faithful does he stick to it.

For his part “influence on the game”Is an estimate of how much these decisions have affected the game and is expressed in races.

So far any doubt? According to us it is very clear.

And how have the umpires done in these playoffs?

In short: bad. Some worse than others. Where can we start? Let’s start if you want with the worst umpire overall in the entire playoffs.

Ron Kulpa, the one responsible for the elimination of Tampa?

We are not exaggerating: this umpire did so badly that he ended up influencing 1.1 runs on the scoreboard (the highest cup for an umpire in all the playofffs) and if we consider that Rays lost by one run, we could say that the bad decisions of this umpire were key for the result.

Overall he had a 90% successful score (the average in these playoffs is about 94%) and his consistency 95% (the average is 96%). In both below average and well below “acceptable”.

However, the most remarkable thing is how much I contributed to the final result and how much history could have changed for tampa.

Red Sox, the team most benefited by the umpires

In total, the Red Sox have benefited in 4 games of 5 from the umpire’s scoring and have added 2.28 runs to their favor.

Not so much as to suspect something planned, but far above the rest of the teams.

Don’t forget Ted Barret, the terror of the Dodgers vs Giants

Generally speaking, although it may not have influenced the result that much, this is the worst performance of an umpire in the playoffs: only 88% accuracy and a terrible 93% consistency.

To throw it into the bay and that no one ever takes it out of there.