Texas Rangers name Bruce Bochy as new manager

The Texas Rangers organization announced the hiring of Bruce Bochy as the new manager for the next three seasons of the Major Leagues – MLB.

Through its Twitter account, the franchise of the texas rangers announced the hiring of the experienced Bruce Bochy as their new manager for the 2023 season of the Major Leagues – MLB.

After much speculation it was confirmed that Bochy will be the new manager of the Texan team, the General Manager of the team Chris Young visited his former teammate in 2006 to formally interview him for the position.


Tony Beasley, who was the team’s interim manager, was the other candidate to receive an interview for the job, adding to the idea that the team had narrowed its focus to bring Bochy back to the bench after three years off the bench. play.

Here the report:

Bruce Bochy indicated that he is very excited to join the team, after extensive discussions with Young and other members of the organization.


“His vision and commitment to putting together a club that can compete to win year after year is impressive, and I was convinced that he wanted to be part of this project. If he was going to direct again, it had to be the right situation. I firmly believe that will be the case with the Rangers, and I can’t wait to get started.” Bochy expressed about team owner Ray Davis.

What Bochy brings

His 25 years of experience as a major league captain, managing the Padres from 1995 to 2006 and then the Giants from 2007 to 2019. During his long career, the 67-year-old Bochy has overseen the rebuilding of clubs, contenders and teams who underperformed and then came back into contention in the MLB.


In his palms he has three World Series titles with the San Francisco Giants in 2010, 2012 and 2014, returning the organization to the glory since 1954.

What Recruitment Represents

It represents a change of heart in the Rangers leadership, since the organization had as an idea to hire first-time managers.


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Texas Rangers name Bruce Bochy as new manager