Ten possible destinations for Carlos Correa

Some of the biggest names in baseball are on the free market this winter, including Puerto Rican shortstop Carlos Correa, who is probably the player who gets the most money in free agency. Correa is a champion, a defensive wizard, a monster in the postseason and may be the one who delivers the best bat on the free market. Sure, it’s also tied to the Astros sign-stealing scandal.

For now, let’s try to predict what its fate will be.

The team that lost 114 games just two years ago is the current favorite to win the Puerto Rican. But it makes a lot of sense, the Tigres being a team with a great projection and that seems to have the necessary money to invest.

This would be an obvious destination. Sure, Correa is a right-handed hitter and the Yankees need left-handed thunder. That is why there are so many rumors surrounding Corey Seager. But it’s the Yankees, the richest team in baseball, with an obvious vacancy at shortstop. The problem? New York fans are not very fond of Correa. Would they agree to see him in the position Derek Jeter once held?

The Astros appear to have gotten out of the bidding by agreeing with Justin Verlander for one year, with a deal that could reach $ 50 million. But the Astros have yet to fill Correa’s vacancy. Who better than him to do it? It’s not that far-fetched. If he doesn’t like the Tigers’ plan and the Yankees don’t want to deal with his signature reaction, the Puerto Rican could be seen back in Houston.

Texas seems to want to invest big this offseason, although local guy Trevor Story seems like a better option in the short term. But what is the point of thinking in the short term if they want to conquer the AL West? If they want to get back on top, they need stellar players and Correa is one of them.

Los Angeles seems to have a lot of money committed to do the same with a shortstop. But if they don’t renew Corey Seager, the Dodgers might prefer to keep Trea Turner at second and reinforce shortstop with Correa. It would be an impact move, but the Dodgers aren’t afraid of that.

Last season was a nightmare in every way, but the Twins are still very talented and may have some money to invest. They are not in the most competitive major league division and perhaps the best way to compete year after year is to sign a player like Correa.

Many consider the Phillies the surprise destination for Correa. But Philadelphia has more problems to solve than just shortstop. But if they look desperate – they probably are – this could come true.

Another of the rivals of the AL West could be made with Correa. The Mariners are on the brink of competition and it would be ideal to agree with a mainstay like Correa to lead the next generation of talent.

The Cardinals need a shortstop, but Correa seems out of their money range. There are other lower cost options that would make more sense for St. Louis.

Losing Marcus Semien allows them to enter the bid for Correa, but this team’s problem is not offense (defense is). It could be another surprise club.


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Ten possible destinations for Carlos Correa