Teams that would be interested in Carlos Correa

Multiple teams from the MLB they go after Carlos Correa When he reaches free agency, according to Jon Heyman, the names of several are already known.

Heymand said the first contenders are the Detroit Tigers, followed by the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees.

Carlos Correa Goes to Free Agency in the Majors; where he has shown that he is going to listen to all the offers despite the fact that he intends to remain in the Houston Astros, who have already made an offer to his SS, but to him and his agent it did not seem better than the ones he could have in this winter.

AJ Hinch is manager of the Detroit Tigers, who was suspended for sign stealing and now returned with another team, but that does not remove the relationship between him and Carlos Correa, the best shortstop he has managed throughout his career. career and the same one that guided him to the World Series twice.

The Tigers’ payroll allows them to try to sign Correa with a good salary, they only have Miguel Cabrera’s contract when it comes to a peso on the payroll, the other players are still in salary arbitration, and Miggy’s contract ends in the 2023, he is still owed 64 million.

On the other hand, the Minnesota Twins are rebuilding, but they need an elite shortstop as fast as possible in the Majors, Andrelton Simmons was left to duty in the infidel, they remain with a stable third and second base, which are Jorge Polanco and Luis Arraez.

Carlos Correa has 25 homers, 154 hits, 91 RBIs, 279 from AVG, 371 from OBP and 862 from OPS. In addition, he leads the MLB as the shortstop with the most runs saved, heading for his first career gold glove.