Tampa Rays made an offer to Freddie Freeman

The Tampa Bay Rays are interested in Freeddie Freeman’s services and even made him an offer before the MLB job shutdown.

Despite the fact that Tampa Bay Rays They are pointed out as that low-income team that does not sign expensive players, they did make a offer to Freddie Freeman before the work closure, reports Jon Heyman.

No one has commented on what was the response or reaction of Freddie Freeman to the offer, in addition, there are no details of how many millions and service time there were at the table.

Without a doubt see the Tampa Bay Rays presenting offers to players of this magnitude is a surprise, just like the time they surprised the world when they extended Wander Franco for a contract that could be less or more than 200 million

Freddy Freeman He has not renewed with the Atlanta Braves and there is some uncertainty that he will not do so for an amount of millions that distinguishes them, that is why other teams such as the New York Mets, New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers and now the Rays, have come to see his price and what he is looking for.


  • 32 years
  • 220 pounds
  • 6’5 tall


  • 5 times all star
  • Regular Season MVP
  • Gold Glove
  • 3 times silver bat
  • World Series Champion

Freeman is a veteran that any team would like to have, he is a leader, a good defender, healthy, a good hitter and he attracts everything that is positive for his team. Great experience in all stages of the playoffs.

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Tampa Rays made an offer to Freddie Freeman