Tampa Bay Rays finalizes deal to acquire Nelson Cruz

The powerful Minnesota Twins designated hitter would be coming to the Tampa Bay Rays as confirmed by the team itself through its social networks, in a change that involves four players in total

The east of the American league he’s about to get more interesting with the addition of one of the most productive veteran hitters of the last decade to one of his ensembles. According to reports from Jeff Passan, journalist from ESPN.

Tampa Bay Rays, who needed an injection of offense to keep competing and according to reports, would be finalizing the details to acquire Nelson Cruz from Minnesota Twins. At this time, the Rays They are the twelfth offensive of the American league in batting average (.231), eight in on-base percentage (OBP) with .315, ninth in slugging (SLG) and OPS with .397 and .712, respectively.

On your side, cross has been one of the most productive hitters in MLB in his later years. The designated Dominican has hit a total of 279 home runs since 2014 to date, 31 more than any other player in that time frame. Despite being 41, “Boomstick” doesn’t seem to be regressing in any way, hitting .294 with a .907 OPS in 2021.

The information was later confirmed by Minnesota Twins, who indicated through their social networks that the club acquired the pitchers Joe ryan Y Drew strotman, both minor league prospects, while the Rays, in addition to hosting cross, they would also get the pitcher Calvin faucher.

Failing to live up to their expectations of competing for their division and in the midst of one of their worst years in recent memory, the Twins decided they were going to become salespeople before the change deadline, which explains the movement. On his side, the Rays They are a game and a half behind the Red Sox for the lead in the East of the American league, despite not being hitting, so the inclusion of cross in his alignment he must create an immediate effect for the benefit of the whole.