“SWING GIRL”: Derek Jeter Saved Mariah Carey’s Love Life And Look At The Huge Payment She Made Him

By «The Swing Girl» (massielsanchez200718@icloud.com)

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A few days ago the figure of Derek Jeter once again attracted the attention of millions of people for being made official as a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame in the United States.

And I wanted to take the opportunity precisely to share a song that links the so-called “Wonder Boy”, one of my favorite American baseball players, with a star of American pop music such as Mariah Carey. Also recognized by many as one of the most captivating artists of the genre for her beauty.

Perhaps many know that these two characters had a very particular relationship, because although they did not last long as boyfriends, that bond was very important for the singer, so important that we could well say that it got her out of a sentimental pothole in which she was stuck. Come on, metaphorically it is not an exaggeration to point out that Jeter practically saved his love life. Why do I say it like that? Follow with me this part of the story between the two that you may not know much about.

When the career of these two celebrities was on the rise in 1997, a short relationship between each other began that transcended, at least for her.


Although their bond began as, let’s say, on the left, it was actually a consequence of Mariah’s terrible marriage with the prestigious music executive Tommy Mottola.

I tell you that in an interview that the multi-award-winning artist gave on television, she said that her brief time with Jeter was fundamental because it helped her get out of a complex relationship with Mottola.

All because of the excessive control he had over her, which ended up drowning the commitment and leaving her in an unstable psychological state.

Mariah called Jeter the catalyst for her decision to leave Mottola, who she said was under constant surveillance to the point of comparing her situation to nothing less than that of a prisoner.

He was together with the Yankees shortstop for a year, until in 1998 they decided to break their bond without leaving a trace of resentment or other negative feelings. In fact, according to the singer herself born in the same city where Jeter became a legend, New York, they maintained a good friendship that continues today.

In another interview Carey confirmed the old theory that several of his fans had held at the time that the song “The Roof” had to do with the beginning of his romance with the current co-owner of Miaimi’s Marlins, and in case that not enough, he also confirmed that the song “My All” was also inspired by the relationship. In other words, her love for Jeter penetrated deep into her heart.

I want to add that in this latest musical number the capture of the scene of their first kiss was none other than on the roof of Jeter’s apartment building.

“It wasn’t raining yet, but it was definitely a bit hazy that warm November night and my heart was pounding, my inner voice echoing begging me to stay away. But I only had to see your face to feel alive. ” So Carey sings in the opening verse on “The Roof,” setting the stage for how her romance with the five-time Major League Baseball World Series champion began.

On the other hand, in the case of the other song, “My All”, it is a love theme in general, but she explained later that the yearning of the lyrics was precisely for Jeter.

“I am thinking of you, in my solitude without sleeping tonight. If it’s wrong to love you, then my heart just won’t let me be right, ”he says in one of the most romantic parts of a work that moves me a lot on a personal level.

These two songs were part of his album “Butterfly” as a single, and in the case of “My All” it was one of many of her that ended up in the top 100 of the Billboards.

The real reasons for their separation were never clarified, at least I could not find anything in my intense search through the networks although according to ABC the couple even said that the pressure of the media affected them a lot. Mariah once commented that this bond was not meant to last for many years despite the impact it had on her life.

“I honestly don’t think he was the love of my life. At that moment I thought that I would never know true love, and although I did not find him with him, what he did for me and his way of loving me helped inspire me and regain control of my life after a very toxic relationship with Mottola ”, he said. the artist, who although it does not seem like it, is already 52 years old.

Jeter later had other relationships with celebrities such as Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel until he settled permanently with the model Hanna Davis, mother of his two children.

So this is an example that a love relationship does not necessarily have to be long-lasting to leave a deep mark on one, or at least to have been very important at a certain moment in which, if Jeter had not appeared, no one knows if Mariah Carey He could have continued to rise as an artist and the major traumas that the lengthening of his marriage with Mottola may have left him.