SNB 61: Hurricanes of Mayabeque are left alone at the top (+ Box score and standings)

Denis Laza went 3-4 with a pair of tubes in the Hurricanes victory.

Three broom passes occurred this weekend in the continuation of the 61st National Series, one of them from the Hurricanes of Mayabeque to stay alone at the top of the championship.

The Westerners unleashed a violent attack of 16 hits and defeated the Toros Camagüeyanos by a minimum 7-6, to sweep them in their weekend struggle and continue with their incredible step towards the postseason.

12 men on bases left Michael González’s boys, but the times they stepped on the plate were enough to beat their opponents. Lázaro Martínez went 4-5, Dennis Laza 3-4 with a pair of tubeyes included, while Juan Manuel Martínez and Orlando Lavandera went 2-5 each with a double per capita. Everyone pushed a partner for the rubber.

Michel Gamez put in a tremendous job of relief for 4.2 innings where he only gave up one run to win his first career game, and Alyanser Álvarez got the last out to earn the save. Javier del Pino went out through the narrow door of the stadium by allowing two runs in just two thirds of an inning of work.

For the Bulls, Luis Antonio González hit a solo home run.

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A bases loaded pitch in the bottom of the eleventh inning, gave the victory to the Lumberjacks of Las Tunas against the Crocodiles from Matanzas 4-3to achieve the sweep of the Julio Antonio Mella headquarters against most forecasts.

Carlos Juan Viera received the applause of the fans by taking over for four innings without allowing annotations, but the credit went to Yasel Luis Labrada by throwing an entrance at a cool pace.

Denis Quesada came out of the bull-pen with the ranch on fire and the bases loaded, and hit the pitch that defined the game. Haykel Parra took the loss by bowling the only man he faced.

Yosvani Alarcón brought home two with a tubey in five visits to the plate, his brother Yordanis drove in one with a single, also in five opportunities, and Yuniesky Larduet went 2-for-3 and stole six bases to equal a Series record. Nationals.

For the Crocodiles, Yadil Dreke went 3-for-6, while Javier Camero, Jefferson Delgado, and Andrys Pérez hit RBI singles.

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The Villa Clara Sugar Producers returned to winning ways by beating the Sancti Spíritus Roosters 5-1 in the José Antonio Huelga, to embrace in second place in the standings with the Yumurinos.

Eriel Carrillo worked two thirds of the game with a single run to his records to win for the fifth time in the fair, and Randy Cueto shot the rest to save his fourth challenge.

The defeat fell on the shoulders of starter Yoanni Hernández after a 6.2-inning outing where he allowed three streaks while striking out four rivals.

Yeniet Pérez (4-2) and Juan Carlos López (3-2) hit full-lap shots with no men in the bags, and Leandro Turiño hit a pair of doubles in three opportunities with an RBI.

For the Roosters, Dismani Ortíz was the only one who got a couple of hits, and Daviel Gómez (3-0) boosted his team’s career.

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In a challenge where the defense and the pitching made water on the grass of Guillermón Moncada, Wasps from Santiago resorted to the power of their wrists and prevailed over the Lions of the capital 12-9, to match the weekend’s particular duel.

Five errors between both teams to reaffirm themselves as the most erratic in the championship and a joint production of 26 hits, mixed with the historic rivalry and the rumble of the drums and the Chinese bugle that nests in those eastern stands, to liven up the clash.

Rudens Sánchez (4-3) excelled with the woods as he went two balls beyond the bounds of the field with six RBIs, Yoelkis Guibert went 2-for-4 with an RBI triple to reach 30 in the championship, and Santiago Torres (3-1) and Adriel Labrada (4-1) also scored bambianzos.

Yoandri Montero pitched 2.2 innings with two runs on his account but took the win, and Alberto Bicet came out for the first time in relief to pitch three immaculate innings and score the save.

Andy Vargas gave up five runs (one unearned) in just one inning of work and charged with the backhand.

For the Lions, Juan Carlos Torriente went 4-5 with a pair of tubeyes and the same number of RBIs, Yasiel Santoya hit 3-5 with a double, and Andrés Hernández took the fences with one on board to also reach 30 trailers in the campaign.

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An extra inning was needed by the Elefantes de Cienfuegos to defeat the Tigres de Ciego de Ávila 4-3 at the José Ramón Cepero, to match the dispute between the two this weekend.

Richel López had a perfect afternoon of 2-2, and Juan Miguel Soriano (6-1), Pavel Quesada (3-1), José Manuel Oramas (4-1), drove in one run each.

Luis Alejandro Serpa had his best start of the championship by walking five immaculate innings, but the victory went to Marlon Muñoz as he threw 3.1 innings without allowing annotations, where he only got one hit.

Yosvany Ávalos suffered the setback after working two episodes where they scored an unearned run.

For the Tigres, Raúl González (4-1) and Yudiel González (5-1), drove in one run each.

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The Indios Guantanamo got tired of being defeated in four games in a row, and whipped the Piratas de la Isla in the Van Troi until they surrendered 9-1thanks to the power of the dolls of his tribe.

Over Cremet hit a pair of doubles and a grand slam for six RBIs, Luis Jairon Hechavarría hit the fences with empty pillows, and Yoandry Guibert went 2-for-4 with a tubey and RBI.

Orlandi Martínez relieved 4.1 innings without allowing annotations to take the victory for the first time in the contest, and Jonathan Carbó lost it by supporting six clean annotations in 5.1 innings of work.

For the Pirates, Eliseo Rojas 5-2 and a double, and Leonardo Urgellés 3-2, were the best hitters.

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The Alazanes de Granma remembered that they are the current national champions, and they undertook it against the Vegueros de Pinar del Rio until they bent their knees on the grass of the Mártires de Barbados, with a score of 10-0 in eight chapters, to match the particular duel.

Darién Palma went 3-for-4 with a home run and four RBIs, Darién Garcia 1-for-3 with another homer that did not find teammates on base, and Alexquemer Sánchez, in his turn at third post, singled and doubled in four at-bats to score a.

Leandro Martínez did not need relief and walked the entire route at a rate of four strikeouts with the same number of hits allowed, to achieve his third success of the season, while Erlis Casanova lost his first game by allowing five runs, one of them dirty, in 4.1 episodes worked.

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Lastly, two pitchers combined so that the Holguín Cubs passed the broom to the Cazadores de Artemisa who have had four consecutive losses, this time with a narrow margin of 2-1, in a challenge that barely lasted two hours and 15 minutes.

Uberleydis Estévez got the credit for the first time this year by allowing that single touchdown in seven innings of work, spacing out five hits with a single walk allowed that was intentional, and Michel Cabrera earned the save by not allowing freedoms in the last two game chapters.

The two runs for the Orientals were brought home by Franklin Aballe with one of the two hits he connected in the game, and the one for the losers was driven in by Osbel Pacheco, also with a single.

Manuel Murgado was the loser by supporting the two races of his rivals in the 6.2 innings that remained in the box.

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SNB 61: Hurricanes of Mayabeque are left alone at the top (+ Box score and standings)