Smooth game lag! Baseball game is interrupted by lomito

In America’s minor league baseball, there was a slight delay in the game between the Buffalo Bisons and the LeHigh Valley IronPigs. A canine called Rookie Bat Dog decided to enter the field during the first inning.

Rookie, what is the soft tenderloin called, he was not an impromptu at the party. In fact, his job is to collect the bats of players like Bat Dog, so it was just an emotion of wanting to jump onto the field and nothing else, then he rigorously continued with his work.

It was only a few minutes of interruption, Rookie got into the mound during Cavan Biggio’s turn at bat. Although he later apologized to the Bisons player on his account Twitter… Yes, he has a social media account and the whole thing. Awwwwww don’t hesitate to follow him.

I want to apologize to my friend Cavan Biggio, for running out onto the field last night during his at-bat at the Buffalo Bisons game.. I was so excited to be picking up bats again. I hope Cavan and the Blue Jays ain’t mad at me“Was the sincere and loving apology.

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Rookie’s excitement is understood, it was his first game at Sahlen Field with the BisonsSo, I was doing more of a field reconnaissance than interrupting the game or so we want to see it, anyway, I did not cause any damage, but it did fill everyone with tenderness.

Rookie is not an improvised like Bat Dog

Rookie knows the business of being Bat Dog perfectly. He’s in charge of bringing the bats for the Trenton ThunderIn fact, his family knows the business well. His story is one of those that will make you want to hug him or a dog close to you.

He is a third generation dog in the Thunder. He’s the Bat Dog since 2014, but Rookie didn’t start this tradition in Trenton. Chase, his grandfather, was the one who did it by being part of the Trenton Thunder since 2002 as Bat Dog. The tradition was continued by Derby, Rookie’s father.

But unfortunately for Rookie, did not get the professionalism of his father when doing his workPerhaps that is why he decided to enter the field at the beginning of the match. Who hasn’t mixed fun with work even once? Smooth coincidence.

Jeff Hurley, general manager of Trenton Thunder mentioned in an interview for “They have different personalities and Rookie is more, you know, fun and loving. Wants to play all the time. Chase, he was more of a working dog, it was a job for him“.

Rookie the bat dog at Sahlen Field

Photo: Special