Sign Theft in Cuba: José Ariel Contreras SPOKE

By Migue Guerra

The controversial issue of sign theft in Cuba is not a matter that has been left lightly, but we have received several direct responses on the subject from renowned Cuban players such as former player from Pinar del Río Yobal Dueñas, star shortstop Rey Ordoñez and the outstanding Cuban receiver Pedro Luis Rodríguez.

Regarding the subject, we had the opportunity to know the opinion of what is considered one of the best Cuban pitchers: José Ariel Contreras. On the night of Friday, September 10, 2021, in the stellar space, the Complete Swing Show, the serpentineer surprised us with a curious anecdote that answered in a very peculiar way the question of whether he hit warned in Cuba in the nineties. .

What does Contreras have to say about it?

“Damn if they hit me warned in Cuba, I’m going to kill three or four people there, my brother. Not in Pinar del Río, that I know of. I always had good relations with all the guys on the team, if something moved in the team I knew it, it’s not that I’m gossiping. I don’t think so, not my Pinar del Río team. “

He said it Ordoñez and Pedro Luis said it, giving an example of a fight for the champion bat he had with Vargas.

“That’s different, he was hitting at a certain point … Pedro Luis Rodríguez for me is one of the best hitters that has happened in the history of baseball in Cuba. A serious guy, I respect him a lot. Ordoñez not to mention, I have the best relationships with him. “

“One year the leader of the most consecutive games in the series was being discussed, I was going to break the record I don’t know who… I told him before the game, touch the ball for the third time and when I turn to first you are out, the guy came to me, he touched the ball, continued his streak, reached first and did not let himself out, I almost killed him after the game, and he was my brother. “

“Brother, if you are fighting a record, how many times are you given the opportunity to reach that moment… If the guy comes against me, I’ll throw it in the middle. Now Miguel Cabreras was fighting for the 500th home run, if I’m pitching in the big leagues, he gives it to me, but I’m going to throw it in the middle. I throw it to him, in Cuba that’s okay, that’s true. “

“I’m sure that if I need a strikeout to reach a record, I throw three in the middle to Vargas and he catches them, I throw three in the middle to Pedro Luis and he catches them. It’s different from hitting warned. “

Find out everything Contreras said in the following video:

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Sign Theft in Cuba: José Ariel Contreras SPOKE