Should Aaron Boone continue to lead the Yankees if they are eliminated?

In his first two seasons at the helm of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone led the team to more than 100 wins. It is something that will not happen in this campaign of MLB.

With the Bronx team at risk of being left out of the playoffs qualification for the Big leagues, many fingers point to Boone as the main responsible for the bad moment of the team and ask for his departure, although there is still a chance of reaching the playoffs.

The detractors of Boone They seem to be multiplying, despite the fact that in their time on the New York bench they have a positive balance of 320 wins by 215 losses and has led the team to three postseasonings in their first three years.

But he has been missing something essential: to get a World Series title. And history is against him. No Yankees manager has managed a fifth year at the club without lifting the trophy.