Shohei Ohtani and the potential to surpass the legend of Ichiro Suzuki

Shohei Ohtani and the potential to surpass the legend of

The Japanese has established himself as one of the most prominent figures in the Major Leagues and his exploits, which are only comparable to those of Babe Ruth, may be the key to surpassing the best Japanese player in MLB history, Ichiro Suzuki.

Lately there is not a day in which we do not marvel at the capacity that it has Shohei ohtani as a baseball player. Either by direct comparisons with the baseball legend, Babe Ruth, or because his statistics make him the favorite to win the prize of Most valuable Player of the American league (so far), there is no doubt that “Sho-time”Is one of the funniest and most exciting players today.

The leader of Los Angeles Angels, Joe maddon, is clear about the kind of unrepeatable talent he has among his players and shares a vision that should be accepted by baseball lovers. “We always talked romantically about what it would have been like to see Babe Ruth; now we are living it, let’s not underestimate what we are witnessing, “he said. Maddon in his most recent statements about the player.

The incredible capacity it has Ohtani, either as pitcher or as position player, makes it something rarely seen and it is almost certain that it will take us many years to see someone like him again. That same ability is what is transformed into the potential necessary to surpass the greatest Japanese star in the history of Big leagues, Ichiro suzuki.

Under no circumstances are we saying that Ohtani is close to what Ichiro achieved, who the only thing missing to achieve everything in his career was a ring of World Series. Most valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, ten invitations to the Stars game, ten awards Gold Glove, three Avocado Bats, two batting titles, a .311 average and 3089 hits demonstrate the quality of player that was Suzuki already what Ohtani He could aspire, as long as he is healthy and able to maintain his performance (Ichiro Suzuki came to the major leagues at the age of 27, the age just turned by Shohei Ohtani).

Ohtani came with 23 years to MLB in 2018 and although he has not shown to have the same ability to hit hits as Suzuki, yes he has shown multiple tools at all levels of the game that can cement his name as the next great Japanese legend of MLB. He generates power with solid contacts, he has speed in his legs, he can play good defense in the outfield and as a pitcher he has great command of his pitching and an interesting mix that makes him extremely dangerous on the mound.

The potential exists, Ohtani and we all know it, what remains is to wait is time and continue enjoying the “Show”That the Japanese give day by day when putting on the uniform of the Angels.