SHOCKING: One of the iconic figures of the Industrialists passed away

By SwingCompleto /

Cuban baseball continues to mourn deaths in all spheres that comprise it, and this Sunday woke up with the death of a symbolic figure of the Industrial team.

And it is to talk about the most winning team of the ball on the Island and not link its history and its present with the sports commentators Andy Vargas and William Vizoso it would be a total mistake.

Precisely Vizoso, the author of the famous phrase “blue is the color of the sky, blue is the color of the sea, blue is the color that many prefer and not only in the capital”, ceased to exist as a result of a tumor against which I had been battling for months.

COCO’s oldest active commentator storyteller was one of the voices of the Industriales for more than 30 years, including last baseball season.

Characterized by his clean diction and the particular way in which he applied grammar within his descriptions, Vizoso also stood out for his good values ​​as a human being, which included his simplicity.

He was a leading part in his professional work of more than half of the Industrial titles, and his pair with Andy marked a time since they began to work together continuously since 1998.

Before them, the duo of Angel Miguel Rodríguez and Fernández Lima had been very famous, which broke up after both emigrated to the United States.

Vizoso Vasallo became deputy director of the COCO station to which he dedicated his entire professional life, and also collaborated with national and provincial television.

Many of his colleagues have already echoed on social networks for the death of William, including his fellow drummer Andy Vargas.

Recently, the press union had suffered the death of another recognized figure, in this case of the national written press, such as the case of Sigfredo Barros.