Sharks prevail and raise crisis of the Eagles

Harold Capote Fernández | @batesbeisbol

Both teams needed to stop the adverse streak of defeats they were going through before starting this commitment; Of the two, the “most needy” is the rapacious team that appeared with four falls in a row that have led them to the pit of the standings.

Águilas del Zulia and Tiburones de La Guaira meet on Tuesday night at the Stadium of the University City of Caracas; Based on what was seen during the first two innings, the game looked to be dominated by the shovelers, however things took a different turn at the end of those sections.

In the same first, La Guaira deploys an offensive attack that begins with a single by Teodoro Martínez, Danry Vázquez misses on base from shortstop Humberto Arteaga and Jesús Guzmán drives in with a hit.

However, the response from Zulia is immediate; At the top of the second they mark 3 annotations after a triple with two in circulation by Luis Alexánder Basabe followed by a single for Alí Castillo.

All this damage undermines the actions of the starters Luis Moncada for the Eagles and Víctor Díaz for Sharks, and from that point on the pitchers have full control of the game.

The shovelers reappear in the bottom of the fifth with the Sharks stepping on the plate a couple of times to turn the board against reliever Jefferson Medina; Jesús Luzano singles while Martínez and Vázquez walk, with a full house Guzmán also gets a driving passport for one, while Luis Avilés on the selection play adds the other.

Already in the eighth, rookie Juan Fernández shows his strength and thunders a solitary home run to draw the final 5×3.

The victory goes to the account of Johan Belisario (1-0, 0.00), his first in the Venezuelan ball, by shining with a relay of 2 blank sections without tickets; the setback is the responsibility of Medina who remains with a 0-1 record and a 7.71 ERA. Ryan Flores with a performance of three innings is credited his first rescue, strikes out 4 and lowers his ERA to 5.40.

Thus La Guaira returns to the winning lane leaving its mark at .500 (7-7), on the contrary Zulia begins to sink into the basement, reaches five losses in a row, a mark of 4-11 and 0-6 when playing in quality visitor.


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Sharks prevail and raise crisis of the Eagles