SCANDAL: Dominican CLAIMS for THEFT of Eriel Sánchez and direction of the Cuba Team: Patriots or thieves?

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

Roberto Paulino He is a lover of Cuban baseball. Dominican by birth but Cuban by feeling, a loyal follower of the Santiago de Cuba team in the National Series and an active participant in the dissimilar forums and discussion groups on social networks, mainly in the one of the Santiagueras wasps, which is organized and led by Jesús Daniel Agras and Diosmany Valier.

Paulino’s famous “Salads” accompanied the struggle of the indomitable team in the last 60th edition of the Series, narrating with a humorous and entertaining style the actions of the group in the event, always encouraging their partisans not to lose hope or hope. trust in the Wasps, from day one to the last.

In addition to all that, Paulino has always been trying to support, even materially, the Santiago de Cuba team and individually some of its members, for which, not infrequently, he has run into endless problems, delays, cancellations and even a kind of “diversion of resources”, in order to achieve its purpose.

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The last of the bitter experiences lived by this Dominican occurred in the last U23 World Cup that took place in Mexico and he was the victim of a “vile and despicable act”, a “disgusting and abhorrent” act, by Eriel Sánchez and Elizardo Guilart, according to himself narrates in a publication made on their social networks and entitled “Patriots or thieves?”, the text of which we share here.

“It really makes me sick and nauseous when I find out what happened to something that I sent from my country to the Japanese (José Luis Gutiérrez, member of the Santiago de Cuba team),” Paulino wrote. “I tell you the unpleasant story, which is disgusting and abhorrent.”

«During the last training sessions of this year for the Las Avispas team, the designer friend Dietmar Alexander Martínez sent me some photos of the Japanese’s hands, full of blisters and wounds, produced from hitting so much in training. As I have taken a lot of love and appreciation for this versatile player, I contacted some Cuban friends in Santiago, to see who can get him a pair of mitts so he can hit better. »

«The efforts are in vain, nobody had them to sell them. That purchase was going to be (made) by another great friend named Yordanis Carbonell Ruiz, to whom later I was going to send the money from here. Dietmar, puts me in contact with his friend, a Mexican named Armando, who usually sends things to him from Mexico, because from the Dominican it is not possible yet. I buy three pairs of gloves, two of fabrics and one professional and I send them to the Mexican so that he can send them to Dietmar and they reach the hands of the Japanese. »

During the U23 games in Mexico, Dietmar contacted Uber Mejías to bring him several packages that Mr. Armando was going to deliver. Unfortunately Uber defected and there is no hope of sending everything to Dietmar. Contact is made with Eriel Sánchez and Elizardo to bring everything to Cuba. The Mexican makes a long trip from where he lives to the city where the Cuban delegation is going to leave, to deliver Dietmar’s packages and other things for someone very dear to him in Santiago. Apart from Dietmar’s packages, the Mexican gives some gifts to various members of the Cuba team and delivers the packages. “

“My God! It is incredible but true, of the three pairs of gloves, the professional was stolen, and other things sent by the Mexican to a person he has in Santiago. Neither Eriel nor Elizardo had to open those packages, they were doing a favor, not taking anything that was there. This constitutes a vile and despicable act that makes all foreigners like me think badly of Cubans. “

«The luck that I am not going to think badly of my second country, because I know that there are many good and honest people. But shit, stealing things that aren’t his is not being a patriot, it’s being a thief. Note: The photo of the mitts, the top ones are made of cloth and the bottom ones, is the professional one that was stolen », he concluded.

Here are plenty of comments: Patriots or thieves? Give your opinion, reader friend … you know where. Hopefully there is a statement from those involved or the Cuban authorities to clarify this matter.