Sammy Sosa’s road to Cooperstown is over, for now…

The Dominican could not gather enough votes to achieve immortality after 10 years on the ballot

One of the stories that cannot go unnoticed with the revelation of the votes for cooperstown on the 2022 ballot, it’s the end of the road to Hall of Fame this way for Samuel “Sammy” Sosa.

bland, who together with Mark McGwire virtually saved baseball in the years after the 1994 players’ strike finished his 10th year on the ballot with 18.5 percent, meaning he didn’t get the minimum necessary to get into cooperstown and because it is his tenth appearance in it, his name will not return for next year.

The Caribbean Baby“He played 2,354 games during his 18-season career in the Big leagues. He shot 2,408 hits, of which 609 were home runs, becoming the first Latino to surpass the 600-homer mark. He drove in 1,667 runs and scored 1,475 times. He has a .273 batting average, .344 on-base percentage (OBP) and .534 slugging percentage (SLG), good for an .878 OPS. Additionally, he reached a total of 4,704 total bases, while negotiating 929 transfers and striking out in 2,306 at-bats.

Additionally, he won the award for Most valuable Player in 1998, as well as six silver bats and got seven invitations to the Stars game.

However, his departure from the ballot does not imply the end of the Dominican’s road to cooperstown completely. Sosa still has a chance to enter the Hall of Fame through the Veterans Committee. This committee reviews the cases divided into four groups depending on the era in which the player was in Big leagues, in the case of bland, your chances will remain in the hands of the Current Game Committee, which reviews all the candidates who played from 1988 to date.

Said committee will be meeting this year during the month of December and offers an important advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you look at it) for the people whose cases are known there, only ten voters are allowed, instead of the almost 400 that they have decision on the election ballot.

This ensures that in case the case of bland be known for the second time in eleven months. The Dominican would need three quarters of the votes to enter, if that is the case. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the next time that committee meets, five years from now according to the rules established by the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

bland has the numbers for immortality, without a doubt, however, the suspicions of steroid use, being suspended for using a corked bat and his treatment with the press, has affected the image of the “caribbean baby”. Only time will tell if bland will be a member of cooperstown eventually.

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Sammy Sosa’s road to Cooperstown is over, for now…