Sammy Sosa: The Dominican face in sports after the tragedy of September 11

The Dominican had one of the most significant sporting moments in the days after the attack against the World Trade Center and the US capital

The 1September 1, 2001 It was a day that completely changed the world we live in. The terrorist attack on World trade center already the American capital completely transformed the life of the country. Life was paralyzed, for several days, no activity in which people had to crowd was allowed and the stories of the great tragedy still do not stop impacting.

When it is said that “New York is the capital of the world”, This refers to the great meeting of cultures that exists in the city. This is especially true for the Dominican Republic, which has its largest population, outside the territory of the Caribbean country, living in that city. About a million Dominicans live in that state, so the attack on the World trade center it was one that felt very close to home.

Among the stories that emerged in the days following the catastrophe, when the American people began the process of trying to get back to normal, sport was an essential part of the healing process. One of the most remembered stories will always be the home run of Mike piazza as a member of the Mets he September 21, 2001But there was another great moment that was just as important for another part of the country.

The September 27, 2001, during the first game of Chicago Cubs on Wrigley Field after the catastrophe, Sammy Sosa was in charge of representing the ties of the Dominicans with the USA. Sosa’s first big moment in that game against the Houston Astros came at the start of the game. Sosa came out of the dugout of the Cubs running into the outfield with the American flag in hand, which produced an eruption of shouts from the crowd in the stadium.

A second moment came when Sosa, who was one of the most popular and important players in MLB At that time, he dispatched the first home run of the Cubs since the tragedy, which also produced a euphoric explosion of those present, which increased the moment the player took an American flag, again, and began to tour the bases with it in his hands.

Sammy Sosa was the Dominican face in American sports, after a tragedy that united the world.