ROGER WARMED: “I already spoke with Ferrer … I was released against my will”

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

In the last days it has been news that the former receiver of Ciego de Ávila and former Tigres helmsman, Roger Machado, who led the Avilanian team to three championships in the National Baseball Series (2012, 2015 and 2016), could be linked to the direction of Los Cocodrilos de Matanzas, for the upcoming Cuban baseball campaign.

According to a interview carried out by Periódico Girón, a press outlet in the Matanzas province, to the current helmsman from Yumurino, Armando Ferrer, who denied the possibility that this news was official, since “for this to be it has to be approved by government authorities, political and INDER ”, in addition to the agreement of Ferrer himself, actions that have not happened so far.

The director of the current national runners-up himself stated that it was on the “Deportivo” program of the Cuban radio station Radio Rebelde that this situation had been made public, for which, in some way, he denied this assertion.

It happens that Ferrer is one of the main candidates to occupy the position of Technical Director of the Cuba team and therefore could not be the manager of his provincial team, so the idea of ​​a substitute should be in the zone.

On the subject, the station’s sports journalist, Guillermo Rodríguez, made a publication on his Facebook social network profile, in which he specified Roger’s opinion and made it clear that the radio program in question did not issue the criteria that they point out.

«The three times national champion with the #Tigers from CAV, Roger Machado, made it clear in the program @Sporty that at no time have they told him that he is going to direct the Matanzas team in the upcoming National Series.

«Ferrer called me and told me that I could help them in the preparation of the team and in this way kept me linked to the Series. I don’t understand how people misinterpret things.

«My thing is baseball, in the territory that they call me I would gladly do it. When I finished my eleventh series I asked for a break and it was not given. However, when I finished my 13th championship at the head of Ciego, I was released against my will, “added the Avilanian helmsman.

Apparently, the leadership of the Matanzas Crocodiles team is a hot potato in Cuban baseball and even the radio stations doubt what they said or not. Hopefully very soon, sooner rather than later, we will know the outcome of this story.

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ROGER WARMED: “I already spoke with Ferrer … I was released against my will”