Roger Machado to direct Matanzas? Cuban manager denied Radio Rebelde

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

During these final days of October, but in 2019, the Provincial Sports Directorate in Ciego de Ávila agreed to release the former Ciego de Ávila receiver and Cuba teams, Roger Machado, from the position of manager of the «Tigres» in the National Series of Baseball, in a natural process of renewal of the campus.

Roger is the director with the best results for the province, leading the team to five Cuban baseball finals, managing to be crowned three times: 2012, 2013 and 2015, elevating the Tigres to the star planes of the country.

In these two years, the Avilanian has been linked to the management of different teams in the National Series and even to the set of four letters for international events of different categories, but, finally, he has not returned to direct in Cuban ball.

In the last few days, in the “Deportitiva” space of the Cuban radio station Radio Rebelde, Roger returned to the public arena, associated with the leadership of the Matanzas Crocodiles team for the upcoming baseball campaign, considering that the current leader of the yumurinos, Armando Ferrer, could be appointed as the manager of the Cuba team.

On this subject, the Girón newspaper, a press outlet in the province of Matanzas, public on his official Facebook profile an interview with Armando Ferrer, in which it is denied that Roger has been appointed as manager of the Crocodiles for the 61st edition of the National Baseball Series.

“For this to be, it has to be approved by the government, political and INDER authorities, as well as having my agreement, and that has not happened at any time,” Ferrer explained to the aforementioned Yumurino press.

The current manager of the Cocodrilos made it very clear that, if he were appointed as the leader of the Cuba team, a replacement would have to be sought for his position in Matanzas, but that it would be necessary to have some candidates, among whom could be Roger, something very other than giving it as an occupant of the position.

“A deep analysis would have to be carried out with the National Baseball Commission and the aforementioned local authorities and from that meeting the DT of the Crocodiles would come out, since he would not give such authority without taking into account who, so as not to endanger all the work that I have done, together with the other coaches, to place the team at the current competitive level, “said Ferrer.

So: Who will finally be the manager of the Crocodiles for the 61 National Series? Will Ferrer be appointed as Cuba team manager? Will the fans, the main elements of Cuban ball and for whom the athletes strive daily in order to provide the best show, agree with the person who is designated as head of their provincial team?

Hopefully all these doubts will be clarified shortly.

At the moment, it was also known in the interview that the Yumurina preselection for the upcoming baseball campaign has already been integrated and will be announced next week, while training will begin, including athletes from other provinces who have been authorized to join the squad of the current national runners-up.

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Roger Machado to direct Matanzas? Cuban manager denied Radio Rebelde