Robinson Chirinos, on course to join the list of Venezuelans with 100 home runs in MLB

Robinson Chirinos on course to join the list of Venezuelans

The Venezuelan of the Chicago Cubs, Robinson Chirinos, connected this Friday his second home run it’s from the season 2021 and approaches the list of Venezuelans with 100 home runs in the Big leagues (MLB).

Through the game Cubs vs DBacks, Robinson Chirinos took the opportunity to connect his home run number # 88 for life in the Big leagues and he approaches the select list of Venezuelans with 100 or more home runs in this beautiful sport.

In the fourth inning with a partner in a solitary way, the Venezuelan of the Cubs punished the Arizonans with arrogance home run to fill himself with confidence and with which he reached his 428th lifetime hit in the MLB.

Here the home run:

Yes OK Chirinos is not playing every day, this home run It is proof that he takes every opportunity of the manager to make himself felt, this being against Zac Gallen, who left a short straight misplaced and he deposited it to left field to put the winners early. Cubs 7-0 on this Friday afternoon at MLB 2021.

That hit of Robinson Chirinos had a speed of fifth unstoppable this season of Big leagues with the Cubs.


The Venezuelan Robinson Chirinos In the sixth inning off Matt Peacock, he hit his second home run of the game to reach three this season and 89 for life in Big leagues, being only 11 of the 100 in the best baseball in the world.

This was also from left field, having a 97.6 mph exit velocity and reaching 381 feet of distance, a real blow from the Venezuelan of Los Cubs that gradually gains confidence in the MLB 2021.