Roberts surprises everyone after confessing who is the best pitcher in all of MLB

The Dodgers are right now two games away from Giants, current leaders of the West of the National League. With 10 games remaining in the regular role, anything can happen in this that will undoubtedly be an exciting season finale for both California clubs.

Although both Los Angeles (97-55) and San Francisco (99-53) have both best records in all of MLB, it may seem unfair that either of them is going to play the Wildcard Series, with everything and that they have dominated from start to finish so far in 2021. According to FanGraphs, those of the Bay are more likely than the Blue and Whites to win the West pennant and advance directly to the Division Series with 72.2 percent in his favor, while his staunch rival only 2708 percent.

Either as a wild card or as a Division champion, for the manager of the current champions of the circuit there is no excuse that his team will go far in the playoff round with the aim of defending his title, in addition, he confessed that for this he has to shake hands with a group of high-end starting pitchers who would make things easier for him.

For Roberts, the arrival of veteran Max Scherzer to the team has been vital to a starting rotation that suffered too much in terms of injuries and losses due to extra-sports problems. In fact, the 49-year-old “Mad Max” is the best pitcher in the world.

Scherzer, 37, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, will take the mound this Thursday to pitch in the last of the series against the Rockies in Denver, Colorado. The seasoned right-hander is in search of the fourth Cy Young of his career in the majors and depending on the work he does, he could be a thing of the past to be listed as a deserving winner of the most prized award given to the pitchers.

Ismael Hernandez

Since I was a child, I have always been passionate about baseball and other sports, such as: football, American, boxing and basketball. My favorite MLB teams are the Dodgers and the Red Sox. My big dream is one day to attend a game at the mythical Fenway Park.

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