Ridery “home runs” her in the 2021-2022 Season of Venezuelan Professional Baseball

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Stay until the 9th inning of your favorite game and move with Ridery!

The passion for sports will be lived stronger than ever thanks to the app most chosen by Venezuelans to move around the country. This time, fans will be able to enjoy their favorite baseball games whenever they want and in any of the stadiums of their choice, all just one click away.

For the 2021-2022 Season, Ridery’s service promises to guarantee the comfort, safety and quality that has characterized the brand since its inception and in each of its transfers.

Among the benefits of using the application for this Season of Venezuelan Professional Baseball, they highlight the ease of transportation, a shorter waiting time to enter the stadium, avoiding long queues to enter the
parking lots and find a position in or near the adjacencies. That, not to mention that people will use their vehicle less, save gasoline and help decongest streets and avenues.

Making a clear use of its values, the vocation of service will be reflected from the moment the rider is requested, during the journey and until the payment is completed at the point of arrival. Notably Ridery It uses state-of-the-art GPS technology, which allows locating the closest driver and thus reducing waiting time. In addition, it offers multiple forms of payment for the convenience of users.

We wait for you at the exit …

The Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez stadiums in Barquisimeto, the University of Caracas, Alfonso “Chico” Carrasquel from Puerto La Cruz, José Bernardo Pérez from Valencia, Nueva Esparta in Porlamar, and José Pérez Colmenares in Maracay
and the Forum of La Guaira, will serve as the stage to carry out the long-awaited encounters between the Venezuelan baseball titans.

However, these structures will also witness an unparalleled movement at the transportation level under Ridery’s premise and its purpose of continuing to move – without rest – the entire country.

In addition to the presence of authorized personnel to request the services offered by the brand; Team members will also be there if you need help with downloading the app (free and available for the AppStore and PlayStore) and its correct use.

Likewise, a fleet of vehicles outside the stadiums will be made available to the attending public to provide the transfer service at the end of the meeting between the teams.

It should be noted that users will have at their disposal the active recharges of their wallet so that the payment process, at the time of finalizing the transfer with Ridery, be much easier and more accessible.

About Ridery

This venture, which was born just 7 months ago, was born in order to innovate and generate value in the mobility sector in the national territory. Today, with more than 2,000 active vehicles in 5 cities of the country and more than 200 thousand registered users on its digital platform, the brand goes beyond moving people from point A to point B. This ride-hailing tropicalizado shows the Venezuelan how to travel the way he deserves.

With Ridery, the city belongs to the passenger and he himself decides how to move within it.

For more information on Ridery, promotions and product updates, enter the web portal of the brand or directly on their social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.


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Ridery “home runs” her in the 2021-2022 Season of Venezuelan Professional Baseball