REGRETTABLE: Another Sancti Spíritus receiver of the youth World Cup passed away

By Full Swing

Before it was Pinar del Río and now the province of Espirituana is the one that has assumed the painful role of players who have died as a result of a disease that is still far from being defeated by humanity.

Just two weeks after the death of Yoanni Delgado, son of José Raúl and direct family of the Gurriel, this Wednesday, October 13, another young former Yayabero recipient could not finally deal with the virus: Obel Porras.

Like Delgado, he had a very outstanding step through the minor categories and also managed to participate in a world championship in the junior category, after being included in the list that he attended and won the contest held in Canada in 1994.

Unfortunately for him his talent was quickly slowed after emerging from youth. Eriel Sánchez’s greatest impetus and not taking advantage of the opportunities he received made him play just three National Series and after 2000 his participation in baseball took place at the provincial level.

Born in Cabaiguán, Porras died at just 45 years of age, according to his colleague Yasel Porto, who in turn had received several messages from fans with the information and regret of this misfortune.

Then we had communication with the victim’s daughter, Ana Grabiela Porras, who confirmed the unfortunate news by providing us with other elements to end the issue, such as the fact that excess weight and fat may have had a role in the outcome, since It was not due to lack of medication, nor was it due to failures in the care of the Sancti Spíritus provincial hospital, according to what she told us.

In the photos on his Facebook profile you can see that Obel was somewhat obese, one of the risk factors when you have the virus due to other types of affectations within the body, and it does not matter that you are vaccinated as was your case, Door of complications does not close completely.

His participation in the Cuban classics began in 1997-98 with just two failed shifts, and the following year he was not able to score indisputable ten official times. His broadest and happiest work came in his third and final season, 1999-2000, with 9 hits, a double and eight RBIs, but with a discreet average of 209. The arrival of players like Reinier Yero and Yoanni Delgado sidelined him definitively of the definitive roster of the Gallos initiated the first decade of the new century.

At that time he became one of the players with the greatest contribution to the cause of the Cabaiguanenses oil tankers, a team with an enormous tradition within the province of Sancti Spíritus.

Regarding his work in the world contest for under 18s in the Canadian city of Brandon, the ownership of the position was most of the time for one who would go quite far, Osvaldo Arias. Porras could only hit six times, being credited as indisputable in a fair that transcended for Cuba due to the disappointing result of the national team (4-5) and for being the first tournament in minor categories where players defected (future big leaguers Michael Tejera and Hansel Izquierdo).

At the time of publishing this note, it was unknown that someone in the press, official or not, has echoed Obel’s death, almost certainly encouraged by not being a renowned player.

In any case, we not only believe it important for joining the already extensive list of National Series players and coaches who have been fatally beaten by the pandemic, but because it is above all about the life of a human being who is currently crying his family and the many friends of baseball and in general that could be appreciated through its public spaces.

Swing Completo joins the pain of all who feel this news, relatives, friends and colleagues of Obel Porras. EPD.