Recognized Cuban public figure calls “clowns” and “scavengers” those who reported the leaks in the World Cup in Mexico

By SwingCompleto /

Until now, only public screenings by certain Cuban journalists had been read or seen directed at the twelve players who left the Cuban team in the U23 World Cup and those who helped them embark on a journey to a new destination. Nobody known had launched against the non-official media for echoing these leaks with a language very different from that used by the few members of the communist press who referred to the serious situation that occurred in Mexico.

However, even though he is not a journalist by profession or a specialist in sports matters, Oni Acosta Llerena decided to issue a criterion in your official Facebook profile on the particular. Acosta is recognized as one of the most important communicators and music critics on the Island today, with a fairly prominent presence on national television and other public spaces.

“I do not hate these young people, nor will I offend those who until yesterday I applauded as athletes,” was the beginning of a post that seemed more pacifying than it actually ended up being.

“What happened has many causes, edges, motivations and circumstances that cannot be settled between staying or leaving in 5 minutes. What I reproach in sports and in my world, music, is abandoning your teammates before a tour or contest and leaving them hanging by the brush, because beyond ideology and personal plans, companionship and camaraderie must prevail. Staying at the end of the tournament might have been more ethical, or so I think. I prefer to believe that many of them also think that way, and that it was a difficult decision to know that they could help the victory and they did not. I prefer to keep the best memory of these talented boys “, Oni continued, something in which it could be said that he has a lot of support because there are many who consider that playing the competition and then making the decision would be the optimal one, especially in the current circumstances in which there is more chance than before for a number of reasons.

But the popular musicologist’s text later becomes totally offensive when he criticizes those who helped the athletes escape and especially the press sites that promoted everything concerning the players who left the squad led by Eriel Sánchez.

“I regret that they are used by petty interests to mock our baseball and humiliate our sports system. I regret the circus that has arisen around the boys and the minute of glory of the headlines for what happened, such as stalking carrion birds and ready to such things ”, was the reference made by Oni linked to those who echoed in a way or another to what happened in Mexico giving it equal or greater importance than the sports results of the national team.

“I wish you luck and success. And hopefully they learn never to abandon their teammates, whatever they may be ”, was the closing of Acosta Llerena’s publication this Friday, which although it did not exceed 400 reactions, it did have the support of the majority of his Facebook friends who referred to his writing.

This figure of the Cuban official media has always declared himself to be a sympathizer of the prevailing system in Cuba since 1959. He studied at the National School of Art and at the Higher Institute, dedicating himself since the end of the nineties to musical work in dissimilar radio spaces. , the Havana Channel and the National TV.