Reasons why Salvador Pérez did not deserve the Golden Glove

During hours of the night of last Sunday, the winners of the Gold Glove in the Big leagues. Immediately the scream of the fans, beginning to question the voters and question who and who did not deserve the awards.

Among the screams … “robbery” … “racism against Latinos” … Among another long list of words in the same direction that are repeated every year. Idiocy? Perhaps … One of the prizes questioned had been that Salvador Perez he did not win the American League Gold Glove, which ended up falling in the palm of Sean Murphy. Perez? He didn’t deserve it. Simple.

Reasons? What is the livelihood? Let’s see:

The only point to highlight in the performance of the Venezuelan behind the plate, was his high percentage of percentages in attempted robbery with 43.9%, being a leader in all the Major Leagues. It is not a bad leadership, but it is not enough to win the Gold Glove as such.

Among qualified receivers, Salvador Pérez was in the position the one with the worst records of Framing, a statistic that calculates the doubtful pitches (or balls) converted to strikes, where the Venezuelan registered -19.5, the worst mark in MLB, understanding that all negative numbers are due to below average.

In addition, Pérez left -5 Defensive Runs Saved, falling back to another important mark below average. These first two statistics measure from the contribution in runs of a player, as well as the now all-important ability to convert balls into strikes in seconds.

Contrary to the Venezuelan, Sean Murphy led all MLB defenders in these mentioned sections. His 10 Defensive Runs Saved were the highest record for a defender, as was his record of 9.7 for Framing or mascotting, in addition to recording 27% of runners caught in robbery attempts.

If nationalism does not let you see, they are your problems and it will never be a recommendable profile, at least not to impose cheap and erroneous criteria to impose a candidate. The best defensive receiver in the American League was the Golden Glove in 2021: Sean Murphy.

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Reasons why Salvador Pérez did not deserve the Golden Glove