Reasons why Omar Vizquel DOES NOT HAVE a HOF career

The long-time player of the short stops, Omar vizquel, is going through his fifth participation in the ballot to the Hall of Fame, where the Venezuelan goes through a moment full of uncertainty in the middle of legal processes from domestic violence to sexual harassment.

Leaving aside each of these factors and analyzing purely and simply the career of the Venezuelan through his records, today I will play an unpopular role: Is Omar Vizquel a Hall of Fame for his stats? No.

Now let’s present the evidence

  • 12,013 batting appearances from just 2,877 hits and just 951 RBIs.
  • Omar Vizquel appears with an Adjusted Batting Average (AVG +) of 101, just one point above the league average and the 15th lowest among SS players with more than 8,500 plate appearances.
  • At Adjusted Base Average (OBP +) 99 is the ninth lowest for SS over 8,500 plate appearances, ranking one point below the league average.
  • With a Slugging Percentage (SLG +) of 83 he is the third-lowest ever for shortstop with more than 8,500 plate appearances.
  • In his career, Omar Vizquel had only 83 Weighting Races Created Plus (wRC +) which, compared to shortstop with more than 8,500 plate appearances, is the fifth lowest production in that department.
  • The Venezuelan had in his career a total of 45.6 Wins Above Replacement Level (WAR), being among shortstop in the Hall of Fame 67.7 WAR on average.
  • Vizquel had 26.8 WAR7, representing his best seven campaigns at the level of Wins Above Replacement Level, with 43.2 WAR7 being the average among SS in the Hall of Fame.
  • During every 162 games Omar Vizquel’s WAR average was 2.5, while for SS in the Hall of Fame the average is 4.9 WAR / 162.

What if he had Omar Vizquel? undoubtedly his defense, for whoever was the winner of 11 Golden Gloves …

  • Omar Vizquel had 84 TZ (Total Zone) in his career, the sixteenth highest mark among SS in MLB history, a statistic where zero is the league average, while any positive score represents a rate above the average and all negative scores. will be below.

So, let’s argue …

Talking about Omar Vizquel the first thing is to talk about his long career of 24 seasons in the Big leagues. Going from this of the historical defender in one of the most demanding positions in the game, which causes his figure to be extrapolated to a higher level than the corresponding one.

But, a player who despite his longevity was very far from large accumulated numbers, which removes any reason that could lead him to immortality. In addition to a mediocre hitter compared to those of the same position.

Omar Vizquel had a long career because in the field he was able to fulfill a single function like few others in history, which was to play defense in the SS.

But a Hall of Fame career is not about fulfilling a single role when you were mediocre in another like its counterpart.

This leaving aside the allegations that in recent times are made to the player as a result of actions off the field, which can alter the criteria of the voter against him.

But plain and simple, Venezuelan Omar Vizquel DOES NOT have the race in numbers for immortality.


AVG +, OBP +, SLG + – Averages adjusted to the league average per season.

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Reasons why Omar Vizquel DOES NOT HAVE a HOF career