Reasons why Miguel Cabrera should not be a starter in the World Clasico

the slugger Miguel Cabrera He is the best player to come out of Venezuela, without a doubt. However, there are more reasons to leave him on the bench or off the roster than to have him on and as a starter on the roster. World Classic.

Since 2017 Miguel Cabrera has been showing decline in his offense and as a player, thanks to unexpected injuries and of course, age.


respect issues

It is true that Miguel Cabrera must be given some respect. However, with “respect” you don’t win games, not all pitchers fear Cabrera today like they did five or six years ago and the numbers don’t lie.

The commitment to wear it is realistic, but that he is a starter or that there is a certain requirement that he play every day is a double-edged sword.

There are differences between winning, losing and having fun.

The World Classic is not a long event where there is time to make many adjustments or try various lineups.

In the event that a team is going to win, it goes with the serious and the safe, if it is to have fun then it goes with more popular players while those who can really perform watch it from the bench. And if it is to lose, they stay in the past playing with all those who once were without looking at those who are.

By 2023, which is where the rumors point to the World Classic, Miggy will be 39 years old, close to 40.

What your voice can contribute.

Miguel Cabrera would have the same voice as a starter, bench or coach. That is not an argument.

If Miguel Cabrera is put as designated hitter, then you have to decide between Salvador Perez or Wilson Contreras, both are at Cabrera’s level today.

If Miggy is put at first, then Jesus Aguilar would be benched or designated hitter. Between Salvador Perez, Wilson Contreras and Jesús Aguilar, one goes to the bench.

Numbers of each in the most recent season:

  • Salvy: 48 HR, 121 RBI, 273 AVG, OPS.
  • Contreras: 21 HR, 57 RBI, 237 AVG, 778 OPS, 98 HITS, 61 runs scored. (128 sets)
  • Aguilar: 261 AVG, 22 HR, 93 RBI, 788 OPS, 117 hits (131 games)
  • Miggy: 15 home runs, 75 RBI, 256 AVG, 701 OPS, 121 hits (149 games).


Clear examples are as if the Dominican Republic will take an Albert Pujols to be the fourth batter over a Vladímir Guerrero Jr, it is the same as taking Miguel Cabrera to take a place from bats like Wilson Contreras, Salvador Perez or Jesús Aguilar, the three They have hit better than Miggy in recent seasons.

Another example is Yadier Molina, who is aware that he will not be ready for the next world classic and decided to leave as coach and leave the catcher to Thomas Nido, Martin Maldonado, among others.

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Reasons why Miguel Cabrera should not be a starter in the World Clasico