Reasons to believe that David Ortiz did not use steroids in 2013

think that David Ortiz steroid use in 2013 is not something forceful, let’s say, because the MLB he usually tests those players consistently and nothing was ever announced that would hurt his career.

However, a writer from the famous Boston Glove newspaper did not cast his vote in favor of David Ortiz in the Hall of Fame because he says that the former player used steroids in 2013 and that was the reason for his good performance in the Greater.

Reasons to believe that David Ortiz did not use steroids in 2013

In 2013, Ortiz batted .309 with 30 home runs, 103 RBIs, 160 hits, 38 doubles and a 959 OPS.

How different was that 2013 season from 2012 (previous) and 2014 (next)?

In 2012, the Dominican batted for 318 (10 more points), with 23 home runs, 103 hits, 26 doubles, 60 RBIs and a 1,026 OPS. However, he only played 90 games that season, 47 fewer than the following season which is 2013, the year where the writer points out. His numbers were on course to be better than in 2013.

While, in 2014, the season following that of 2013, the designated hitter batted for 263 AVG, almost 45 points less than in 2013, however, he also added 5 more home runs and 1 RBI.

How did you do in the 2013 playoffs, is that what raises the question?

It is true that he had an incredible series against the Tampa Rays in the division series and against the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series where he was named MVP. But then something happened against the Detroit Tigers, where that memorable game-tying grand slam was 1 of only 2 hits he managed in that 6-game series.

2013 was not the season where Ortiz had a playoff series with the most hits or with the most home runs, or a better AVG, he had done it before, he was already called ‘El BIG Papi’ for a reason.

And to put a cherry on the cake, in his last season of retirement where he was supposed to be finished, the Dominican had his season with the most hits since 2007, most home runs and RBIs since 2006. In total he batted for 317 AVG , 38 home runs, 127 RBIs and a 1,021 OPS.


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Reasons to believe that David Ortiz did not use steroids in 2013