RD dropped 12 rungs in the WBSC World Ranking in 2022

2023 begins with the Dominican Republic in 20th place in the world ranking of the World Baseball and Softball Confederation in the men’s branch, 12 steps below the start it presented in 2022.

Argentina closed the year as number one, for the first time in world softball history. The United States remains the best nation in the ranking of the female branch.

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Dominican men’s softball ranks eighth among the countries in the area. It surpasses Colombia, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and Belize in the region. Argentina, Canada, the United States, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala are the leaders of the region.

Garibaldy Bautistapresident of the Dominican Softball Federation (Fedosa), pointed out that the countries that exceed ours have a defined sports policy, where their governments make large investments in sports massification and in more than 90%, “they exceed us in population and territory”.

He recalled that the men’s teams, superior and sub-23, had an outstanding participation in the qualifying tournaments for the World and Pan-American softball championships; the Central American Games and the Pan American Games held in 2022, a reason that he considered, was taken into consideration by WBSC-Softball, for his promotion in the ranking.

In the World order, Canada, which went up a step, follows Argentina, displacing Japan, which fell to third position; Australia is fourth and the United States is fifth.

He congratulated Fabio de León Sánchez’s effort as director of the National Teams management and the work of Ramón López as technical director, together with the staff that accompanies him, “in recruiting players, through academies, clinics and try-outs , At national and international level”.

“We have an academy that operates in the stadiums of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center and three in the United States, all with the objective of attracting players with projections for our national teams,” Bautista said.

He affirmed that the work will continue until the Dominican Republic reaches a step in the first places in the area and can be positioned as a benchmark in the world ranking.

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RD dropped 12 rungs in the WBSC World Ranking in 2022