Rafael Devers’ bad second half: part of the Red Sox debacle

The third baseman has played the worst baseball of his career during the second part of the current Major League campaign, this being one of the causes of a closure for oblivion by the Boston team.

Aim for a single reason for failure Boston Red Sox in 2022 would be unfair and would not give a complete picture of everything that happened in the current season so that a team that was two wins away from reaching the World Series in 2021 it is on the verge of elimination, with practically the same core of players.

From failures in the pitching staff, through injuries, poor team structure, as well as late or questionable decisions, the Red Sox they have been a complete disaster and their position in the American League East is proof of that.

Amid the chaos in Boston, however, one of the main reasons the team has looked so bad is the widespread offensive anemia of its leading hitters. Xander Bogaerts Y JD Martinez they haven’t hit even 15 homers and one of the main faces of the team, rafael devershas had a second half to forget.

Despite having good general numbers and apparently, he will have a solid campaign, from the Stars game, rafael devers He has looked like a completely different hitter than what we are used to, in a bad way.

In what has been the worst second half of his career, Devers He has only hit .224, with an on-base percentage (OBP) of .291 and a slugging percentage (SLG) of .367, which translates into a .657 OPS in 41 games. He has just hit four homers (after hitting 22 in the first half) and has driven in 27 laps in that stretch, reaching 59 total bases (up from 208) in the first part of the season.

In the midst of that bad moment, he had an August to forget, where he hit .164 with a .515 OPS in 26 games, the worst numbers of his career within a calendar month.

The second half of Devers It’s been so out of the ordinary that nearly a month passed between his last two homers (August 15 and September 10).

For Devers2023, penultimate year of his rookie contract with the Red SoxIt will be a season of reaffirming his status as one of MLB’s best offensive third basemen before his free-agent year rolls around.

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Rafael Devers’ bad second half: part of the Red Sox debacle