Pujols ties Barry Bonds’ home run record, but not the one you think…

The Dominican has a high chance of overcoming the “King of the Home Runs” and keeping one of the most particular records that he shares with him.

Albert Pujols is about to tie an all-time home run record for Barry Bonds. It is not about the greatest number of home runs in history, which it is evident that the Dominican batter will not be able to reach in any way, but about a particular mark in possession of Bonds which will also be just as difficult for other hitters to hit.

During the Monday session, Albert Pujols hit his 14th home run of the season and 693 total for his entire career, but in doing so he converted Drew Smyly of Chicago Cubs in the 489th pitcher to which he has connected a homer. With this, Pujols managed to tie the historical mark that belonged to Barry Bondsaccording to John Denton of MLB.com.

At this time and with 41 games remaining in the campaign St.Louis Cardinals, Pujols has a great opportunity to surpass the legendary brand of “King of Home Runs“. For the purposes it is important to consider that Pujols spent the last ten years (until 2021) in the american leagueso there is a whole generation of pitchers against which he has not faced and if additionally, it is taken into account that the Cardinals they have given a fair number of turns to “The Machine”, will have plenty of opportunities before the end of the year to try to surpass the mark.

the great moment that Pujols has had in the last two weeks has put him in a more comfortable position to reach the 700 homer mark, a number that only three men in the history of Big leagues. In the meantime, Pujols puts in his sight Alex Rodriguezwho with 696 home runs, ranks fourth all-time in that department.

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Pujols ties Barry Bonds’ home run record, but not the one you think…