Pujols, Puig, Hicks and Reddick ARRIVED in the Dominican Republic, 2nd half of LUXURY

By Jesús Alaín Fernández

The Dominican League is right in the middle of the 21/22 season. Day 20 marks the meridian and so far there is absolute parity in the standings. Then it becomes the scene of comebacks and incorporations that are bets to add victories that maximize the chances of the postseason.

LIDOM is by far the winter league that attracts the most level major leaguers year after year. The announcement of big names comes as a surprise to no one, some come to prove that they can still perform at the best level and others are looking for a game at a level that allows them to polish themselves by 2022 or free agency.

Last week we heard about return of Yasiel Puig to the Bulls of the East. The Cuban will be looking to prove everything he has been talking about about how he wants to return to the best baseball in the world. His gaze is well up highLet’s just hope the feet stay firmly on the ground.

In 2020 he averaged a .237 and a .750 OPS in 12 games with three RBIs and four scored for the La Romana team and comes after being selected the Defensive Player of the Mexican League in the summer with the Águila de Veracruz.

Yasiel could be debuting on matchday 21.

Another who should land on the bullfighting roster for the final half of the contest is the outfielder Josh reddick on his second foray into LIDOM. The first in 2010 was with the Gigantes del Cibao. Then Reddick was just a prospect for the Boston Red Sox and after his visit to the Caribbean he put numbers in the majors that put him in the orbit of the game.

Josh owns a World Series ring with the Houston Astros in 2017, a season in which he wore finery and posted a .314 offensive average. He is currently a free agent after going almost unnoticed with the Bells in 2021.

The Lions of the Chosen One will also host a welcome party. The return of future Coopertown member Albert Pujols is joined by Bronx Mules outfielder Aaron Hicks and A’s first baseman / catcher Aramis Garcia (88 at-bats with .205 with Oakland in 2021). Albert Pujols is 30-6 in the first eight games played at LIDOM in his entire career and is looking to show how much fuel he has left in his tank to reach a contract at age 41 during free agency.

Aaron Hicks, under contract with the Mules through 2025, had a false season when he needed surgery on his left wrist after just 32 games played. Lidom will do wonders for the player to try to start warming up and recovering some of the lost rhythm.

Nothing that was will continue to be. The additions reconfigure the power of the teams and only one thing remains for sure, it will look good baseball.

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Pujols, Puig, Hicks and Reddick ARRIVED in the Dominican Republic, 2nd half of LUXURY