Pujols: Miguel Cabrera is the best right-handed hitter I’ve ever seen

Pujols Miguel Cabrera
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Baseball legend and Los Angeles Dodgers player Albert Pujols claimed in an interview that Miguel Cabrera is the best right-hander he has ever seen.

In a video published by the sports journalist Marly Rivera, Pujols referred to Miguel Cabrera’s talent and the relationship he has with him: “For me he has been one of the best, perhaps the best right-hander I’ve ever seen. The relationship that Miggy and I have is one of friends and brothers, I love him like a brother. We give each other advice and the truth is I am very happy for him ”.

The 38-year-old Venezuelan slugger managed to exceed 500 home runs in August. It currently has 502.

Of that amount, he has connected 362 playing for the Detroit Tigers, making him the team’s third home runner, behind Al Kaline (399) and Norm Cash (373).

Cabrera also reached 2,963 lifetime hits on Wednesday night, ranking, along with Sam Crawford, in 34th place in the MLB.

“Of course he would have wanted him to do it in Detroit but he couldn’t, he did it in Toronto. But as the fans received it, it was very special. I’ve been through that moment and I know how it feels, how he felt when he saw that home run”, Stressed Pujols.

“We are very proud to see it and that be the first Venezuelan to achieve that feat. We are proud and happy for him, “concluded the slugger, who has 677 home runs in the majors.

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