Popular player from Industriales clarified the way he worked in a Cuban funeral home

By SwingCompleto / contacto@swingcompleto.com

Although it is difficult to be exact numerically speaking, what is true is that there have been very few players who have acted at a high level and who after their retirement were linked in one way or another with funeral services.

At least in contemporary times, the case that is best known, although not much, was that of the former recipient of Industriales. Alejandro Regueira, who after having become the best emergent Cuban ball had decided to retire prematurely and thus walked along a path where various works were presented, among which was the one that related him to one of the most famous funeral homes in Havana.

It was in the wake of Arroyo Naranjo, “Maulines”, where Regueira was for several years and not exactly as another worker.

Recently, the member of Industriales between 2002 and 2008 made the clarification on the subject, which was also clarified in the special program that our YouTube channel dedicated to him a couple of weeks ago.

“Reggaeton” or “Regadera”, as he was known in his moment of splendor as a member of the capital blues, he was not the administrator of this funeral home located in María Auxiliadora and Calzada del Diez de Octubre, nor did he work directly with the obituary services as one more worker of that facility.

His presence for a certain time was due to purely gastronomic issues, due to the fact that he was in charge of the cafeteria there.

That happened shortly before deciding to return to baseball, in this case as a coach of children’s categories. The latter was his opportunity for what happened recently, because after excellent results in his municipality he got an invitation to Mexico, and then he found work as a coach at a level as important as the professional summer league.

And so he stayed there for two years until last August he decided to cross the border of the United States with his wife and son to begin his life in the latter country.

Currently Regueira he waits for the residence and in the meantime he keeps helping as a coach covered by a special government permit.

His perspectives are quite varied, although he would prefer to remain linked with the sport that made him known to the industrialist public opinion and Cuba in general. Still open-minded about future trades, the three-time left-handed champion of Cuba rules out for now that he could go back to work in a funeral home.

Laughing after clarifying the matter to our collaborator Humberto Monier after visiting him at his Movil Server business, he told him that this bad moment is over. “Now a new stage begins in which you have to surround yourself with joy and life.”

While it is not possible to be categorical with Regueira as an emerging player in our National Series, at least as far as the current century is concerned there has not been another player as effective and durable in that role. In addition to the fact that not everyone has the ability to come off the bench and respond most of the time, a very large percentage have found a space on their team shortly afterwards or outside of it when they have had the talent.

The southpaw from Arroyo, who retired for personal reasons when he was barely 25 years old, left written very pleasant moments that still remember with longing and affection thousands of people from the capital who enjoyed the last truly glorious stage of the Industriales, that of Rey Vicente Anglada in his initial release.