Players with the longest time on their current teams

The roster of your favorite team changes much faster than you think. Those 2016 Cubs who won the World Series? There is only one player who played with them who will be with the currency in 2023: Kyle Hendricks. Our novenas are constantly transforming into something different and renewing themselves, whether we realize it or not.

So now, in The Thirty, we’re going to focus on those rare constants from each currency: The players who have spent the most time with their current organizations. We are not talking about those who have the longest in the Major Leagues, but in their clubs. And they have to be on the big team roster right now, too. They are the “old men” of their franchises. And probably much younger than you think.

Blue Jays: Tim Mayza
Purchased on: June 8, 2013
MLB debut: August 15, 2017

Mayza was a solid left-handed specialist last season, though he’s probably destined to be known as the man who gave up Aaron Judge’s 61st home run.

Orioles: Ryan Mountcastle
Purchased on: June 8, 2015
MLB debut: August 21, 2020

There’s no better example of how young the Orioles are and what a turnaround they’ve brought to the organization than the fact that their oldest player is still 25 years old.

Rays: Vidal Brujan
Purchased on: October 17, 2014
MLB debut: July 7, 2021

Of course, there is the case of the Dominican Bruján, who is only 24 years old, although he has an excuse: He signed with the Rays at 16 years old.

Red Sox: Rafael Devers
Purchased on: August 9, 2013
MLB debut: July 25, 2017

Now that Christian Vázquez and Xander Bogaerts are gone, Devers is the last remaining piece of the Red Sox from before.

Yankees: Kyle Higashioka
Purchased on: June 5, 2008
MLB debut: April 10, 2017

Incredible true? Higashioka, who has played just 222 games in pinstripes, has been hanging around the Yankees’ organization since they took him in the seventh round of the 2008 Draft.

Guardians: José Ramírez
Purchased on: November 26, 2009
MLB debut: September 1st 2013

Signed through 2028, Ramirez seems likely to reach two full decades in this franchise.

Royals: Salvador Perez
Purchased on: October 10, 2006
MLB debut: August 10, 2011

There were some trade rumors this offseason, but it’s really hard to imagine the Venezuelan wearing another uniform.

Tigers: Miguel Cabrera
Purchased on: December 4, 2007
MLB debut: June 20, 2003

The Venezuelan legend said that 2023 will be his last season, so it will be a glorious farewell that will last the entire season.

Twins: Jorge Polanco
Purchased on: July 6, 2009
MLB debut: June 26, 2014
Polanco was 16 when the Twins signed him in 2009. In fact, it was the day after his 16th birthday.

White Sox: Tim Anderson
Purchased on: June 6, 2013
MLB debut: June 10, 2016

Injuries plagued Anderson this year, but the shortstop remains one of the most electrifying players in baseball.

Angels: Mike Trout
Purchased on: June 9, 2009
MLB debut: July 8, 2011

All these years and he still hasn’t won a single postseason game.

Athletics: Seth Brown
Purchased on: June 10, 2015
MLB debut: August 26, 2019

It is quite a rarity for someone to be selected by the A’s in the Draft and still with the club for more than 30 years.

Stars: Jose Altuve
Purchased on: March 6, 2007
MLB debut: July 20, 2011

The Astros had zero World Series titles before he was signed, and now they have two. And counting.

Sailors: Matthew Festa
Purchased on: June 10, 2016
MLB debut: July 14, 2018

You know what’s great about the Mariners? Do you know who is second on this list of the most veteran? The Dominican Julio Rodríguez, who signed in July 2017.

Rangers: Jose Leclerc
Purchased on: December 9, 2010
MLB debut: July 6, 2016

The Dominican is the only player left on the Rangers who could say, in 2011, something like, ‘Look, the team that pays me is playing the World Series.’

Braves: Ozzie Albies
Purchased on: July 2, 2013
MLB debut: August 1, 2017
Ozzie Albies will be 26 years old during the 2023 season, and that makes him a veteran among many of these Braves.

Marlins: Miguel Rojas
Purchased on: December 11, 2014
MLB debut: June 6, 2014
Now that Brian Anderson is finally a free agent, Rojas — who came in the trade for Dee Strange-Gordon, Andrew Heaney and Dan Haren, among others — is the most experienced Marlin, by any measure.

Mets: Brandon Nimmo
Purchased on: June 6, 2011
MLB debut: June 26, 2016

By retaining their outfielder, the Mets ensured that Nimmo continues to climb up the all-time leads at a rapid pace.

Nationals: Carter Kieboom
Purchased on: June 9, 2016
MLB debut: April 26, 2019

Their first draft pick in 2016 hasn’t been the player they expected, but it’s still there.

Phillies: Seránthony Domínguez
Purchased on: April 1, 2012
MLB debut: May 7, 2018

Dominguez has battled elbow problems his entire career and underwent Tommy John surgery in 2020, but has proven to be a dominant reliever when healthy.

Brewers: Tyrone Taylor
Purchased on: June 10, 2012
MLB debut: September 7, 2019
The Brewers had waited a long time for their 2022 second-round draft pick to make a splash. And last year, he finally did.

Cardinals: Adam Wainwright
Purchased on: December 13, 2003
MLB debut: September 11, 2005

2023 will be Wainwright’s last year, the final end of an era. The second longest-serving Cardinal at the club? Jack Flaherty, who was selected in the first round of the 2014 Draft.

Cubs: Kyle Hendricks
Purchased on: July 31, 2012
MLB debut: July 10, 2014

The only remaining Cub to have won a World Series ring with the team. (Newcomer Cody Bellinger got one with the Dodgers.)

Pirates: Mitch Keller
Purchased on: June 5, 2014
MLB debut: May 27, 2019

He may never become the player the Pirates envisioned, but it says a lot that he’s still trying.

Reds: Joey Votto
Purchased on: June 4, 2002
MLB debut: September 4, 2007

There is a club contract option after this year, so this could be it for Votto in Cincinnati. But it seems that we have already said that.

D-backs: Nick Ahmed
Purchased on: January 24, 2013
MLB debut: June 29, 2014

Ahmed was part of Justin Upton’s trade to the Braves many, many years ago. (In 2013).

Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw
Purchased on: June 6, 2006
MLB debut: May 25, 2008

Kershaw will never go anywhere else. We all have that clear by now, right?

Giants: Brandon Crawford
Purchased on: June 5, 2008
MLB debut: May 27, 2011

The only one in the club who signed with the San Francisco Giants who had never won the World Series.

Parents: Fernando Tatis Jr.
Purchased on: June 4, 2016
MLB debut: March 28, 2019

The Padres have changed everything over the past decade, to the point that Tatis – who was, well, what a year in 2022 – is the longest-serving player in the ninth. And everything indicates that this will continue to be the case for another decade.

Rockies: Charlie Blackmond
Purchased on: June 5, 2008
MLB debut: June 7, 2011

He was drafted a year before Nolan Arenado, but Blackmon is five years older.

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Players with the longest time on their current teams