Players union would accept international draft

NEW YORK — Major League Baseball players said for the first time Friday that they would be willing to accept a draft of international amateur players, but proposed that it include much more money than the clubs anticipated, as well as a more liberal structure.

The players’ union made its proposal Friday during a meeting with major league officials. The details were revealed by a union official who spoke to the press on condition of anonymity, as no one was allowed to make any announcements.

The union proposed that $260 million be allocated to a draft for the 2024 signing window. Clubs would have to guarantee allocation values ​​and would have the flexibility to exceed them with bonus funds, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. with the plan.

That source requested anonymity as the deals have not been announced.

The Major Leagues proposed on July 28 of last year that a draft in 2024 would include the disbursement of $181 million dollars for the first 600 players, and a total expense of $190 million, compared to the $166 million spent in the transfer period. of 2021.

The major league proposal included rigid assignments for each spot. For 2024, $5,512,500 would be allocated to the first pick, dropping to $2,625,000 for the 10th pick.

The March 10 deal, which ended the 99-day lockout, set a July 25 deadline for the union to enter the draft. Without a deal, direct compensation for draft picks would remain in place, as would the qualifying offer system for free agents.

That structure has inhibited the market for some players, like pitchers Dallas Keuchel Y Craig Kimbrel in 2019.

For a long time, managers have sought an international draft that resembles the amateur one that has been held since 1965 for residents of the United States and Canada. That structure gives clubs exclusive rights over players.

Since 1990, the draft has included residents of US territories, such as Puerto Rico.

The union has said it would agree to a 20-round concept put forward by the leadership. However, he has argued that the money should be spread differently in different places.

The players would schedule the 2024 draft for late 2023, while Major League Baseball would prefer to hold it between January and March.

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Players union would accept international draft