Players elected to the Hall of Fame with the highest percentage

A lot of baseball players have been elected to Living room of the Fame of the Major League Baseball – MLB, but next we will show you the immortals who have achieved the percentages highest choice in voting.

Being considered on the Hall of Fame ballots means that a player had a great career as a professional in Major League Baseball, but in this area there are also records and marks, which is why only 10 players have their badge. in Cooperstown with the highest percentage in the voting, something certainly to remove the hat.

1. Mariano Rivera

For many the best closer in MLB history. A legendary career with the Yankees led to him receiving 100% of the votes on his ballot in 2019.

2. Derek Jeter

In the class of 2020, “Captain America” of the Yankees was nowhere near unanimity, receiving 99.74%.

3. Ken Griffey Jr.

Griffey Jr., hit 630 career home runs and was elected to the HOF in 2016 with a total of 99.32%.

4. Tom Seaver

The legendary pitcher was elected to the 1992 Cooperstown temple and had 98.84%.

5. Nolan Ryan

The historic pitcher who had multiple no-hitters in the MLB and never won a Cy Young was elected with 98.79% to the Hall of Fame in 1999.

6. Cal Ripken Jr.

More than 3,100 hits triggered this historic Orioles and with a total of 98.53% he guaranteed his plaque in the Hall of Fame in 2007.

7. Ty Cobb

In 1936, he received 98.23% to enter the Hall of Fame.

8. George Brett

In 1999, this Kansas City Royals legend received 98.19% in the Hall of Fame voting.

9. Hank Aaron

This MLB legendary, who had 3,771 hits and 755 home runs, received 97.83% in 1982 to be an immortal in the Hall of Fame.

10. Tony Gwynn

The legendary outfielder for the San Diego Padres was elected to the HOF in 2007 and received 97.61% of the vote.


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Players elected to the Hall of Fame with the highest percentage