“Pillar of American Culture”: Joe Biden pays tribute to champion Dodgers, but a mariachi jacket steals the event

Pillar of American Culture Joe Biden pays tribute to champion

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris received Dodgers jerseys.


The Los Angeles Dodgers they were at the White House on Friday, 33 years after the previous occasion, to be honored by the president Joe biden, who applauded their 2020 triumph and celebrated the franchise for being a pillar of the United States.

The champions of the past World Series appeared in the venue with the background song “I Love LA”, which is the one heard at Dodger Stadium after each team win. Biden arrived and “pitched” the first joke with the direction of the mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti.

“I have a feeling that we could do this again at the end of the year. I don’t know man I’m not sure if I can stand Garcetti if this repeats, it’s going to be difficult“Said the President, who is a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies.

And right away Biden hit a home run with his tribute to the legendary Dodgers.

“The Dodgers are more than a baseball club, they really are: a pillar of American culture and American progress. It is real. A team that brought us the voice of Vin Scully, the arm of Sandy Koufax and Fernando Valenzuela… And the heart of Jackie Robinson “.

He added: “Now they are going for a new dynasty for a new generation, and I often say that it is never a good idea to bet against the American people… now we know that it is never a good idea to bet against Mookie (Betts)… It is also not a good idea to bet. against Clayton (Kershaw) or Cody (Bellinger)… ”.

Joe Biden got down on one knee for the souvenir photo with the Dodgers. / EFE

Biden explained that during the pandemic the Dodgers helped make people understand that sports were more necessary than previously thought: “When we are in crisis, sports unite us to heal”.

The president also stressed that Dodger Stadium was a key site in the fight against the pandemic because there were more than a million coronavirus tests and half a million vaccines were applied, in addition to being the first ballpark willing to vote in the 2020 elections.

“Dodger Stadium is not only the home of the world champions; it also helps save lives and strengthen our democracy, ”he said.

“America is back and the Dodgers are back, so congratulations. to all of you and good luck for the rest of the season ”, concluded the president.

The last time the Los Angeles Dodgers were in the White House was in October 1988, greeted by Ronald reagan.

Clayton Kershaw thanked the President for hosting them and then introduced Dodgers main owner Mark Walter, who presented Biden with a No. 46 jersey.

Manager Dave Roberts presented another Dodgers jersey to Vice President Kamala Harris, a Californian who grew up in the San Francisco area as a Giants fan, so the Los Angeles pilot enjoyed that moment in which Harris raised the colors of the sports rival.

Joe Kelly steals the White House event with his mariachi jacket

All the members of the Dodgers boasted his World Series rings and they dressed smartly in the White House, except for pitcher Joe Kelly, the irreverent Californian reliever who always manages to stand out on or off the diamond.

Kelly arrived at the reception wearing a mariachi jacket that he just acquired at Dodger Stadium when he exchanged his jersey with a member of Mariachi Garibaldi as seen in the @DuranSports video.

The images of Kelly – whose image making fun of the Houston Astros last year was immortalized in a mural in Los Angeles– went viral and gave the Dodgers visit a relaxed and fun touch.

The reception to the Dodgers, as Biden said, could be repeated next year. Los Angeles looks stronger and stronger in the 2021 campaign and remains the big favorite for the title.