Pete Alonso suffered a traffic accident in Florida

The New York Mets player, Pete Alonso, suffered a traffic accident where his car was wrecked.

Upon arrival at the training camps of the Mets from New York, Peter Alonso He pointed out that these Spring Training are special because he has a new opportunity to be alive, that after he was involved in a accident traffic.

The vehicle of Peter Alonso It was in terrible shape, it took three laps in the street and as if that were not enough, the two-time winner of the HR Derby had to break the windshield to get out of the car.

“Yesterday I had a accident really brutal car racing. Yesterday was a very near death experience. My car flipped over probably about three times. The guy ran a red light, he hit me, and for me, I’m so thankful to be alive. I am so thankful that I am healthy. Very grateful to be here. Anything can happen at any time,” Alonso told reporters, including Deesha Thosar.

In addition, Pete Alosno said that everyone involved in the accident is fine and that he will be ready for full spring training activities on Tuesday.

It should be noted that Alonso is a key piece of the Mets, he is that fixed first baseman who is characterized by being the team’s home run hitter. However, the last thing that mattered was his work, if not his life.

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Pete Alonso suffered a traffic accident in Florida