Pete Alonso retained his crown in the Home Run Derby

DENVER – The first baseman Pete alonso, of the New York Mets, retained his Major League Home Run Derby champion crown, defeating the outfielder Trey manciniof the Baltimore Orioles on Monday in front of more than 49,000 fans at Coors Field in Denver.

Alonso beat Mancini 23-22, hitting exactly the same number he needed to beat the Dominican. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.of the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2019 final at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Last year the event was not held due to the coronavirus.

Mancini reached the jewel of events finale at the All-Star holiday festivities, after missing last year’s season dealing with colon cancer.

Alonso, the only one of all time with more than 100 home runs at the festival, walked away by 32 of Joc Pederson (131-99) in the all-time lead.

The Mets’ “Polar Bear” is the third hitter to win consecutive Home Run Derby editions (Ken Griffey Jr. won two of his three trophies in 1998-99, while Yoenis Céspedes from Cuba did so in 2013-14). Alonso and Cespedes are the only ones to win in their first two appearances at the event.

Alonso reached the final eliminating the Dominican 16-15 Juan Soto, of the Washington Nationals. Mancini outplayed local hero shortstop Trevor story, of the Colorado Rockies, with a score of 13-12.

Soto eliminated the big favorite, the Japanese Shohei ohtani, the sensational two-way player for the Los Angeles Angels in a thrilling first round that required two overtime to define. The pair tied 22-22 at regular time and 28-28 in the first aggregate half, but the Nationals’ Dominican added three stakes, including one from 506 feet and the last one from 498 feet through center field, to advance to the second round.

In the first round, Alonso beat the Venezuelan receiver 35-28 Salvador Perez, of the Kansas City Royals, while defeating the first baseman 24-23 Matt olson, Oakland Athletics, and Story 20-19 to outfielder Joey galloof the Texas Rangers.

Despite favorable conditions at Coors Field, which is 5,200 meters above sea level and considered a hitters’ paradise, none of the contestants came close to the 91 home run record in a Derby, set by Guerrero Jr. two ago. years.

Alonso led the night’s harvest with 74 homers. Ohtani hit six hits over 500 feet, but Soto had one over 520 feet and four over 500.